View Full Version : throne of Bhaal

05-02-2002, 18:20:52
Christ watchers keep is hard - spent all weekend fighting my way to the bottom and I cant get past the last bloody set of guardians! The Hive mother beholder is a git and I cant even hit that little thing with 2 pink swords. None of my partys weapons even damage it.

05-02-2002, 18:26:31
I remember that. If I can get my game to work again, I should be their again soon. My strategy, after trying several others without success :(, was to fight near the gate that exits the tower. If things got too intense, I would leave and recover. Dragon's breath is good for knocking some of them unconscious for awhile. And summoning planetars or devas is a must.

06-02-2002, 10:08:29
I had planetars, golems, those wierd semi transparent magic draining thingys, various types of gate demon. I've summoned the lot. And I still get massacered. So I'm off to beat up fire giants for a bit.

No longer Trippin
11-02-2002, 00:07:44
Spend time watching what spells they cast. IIRC some of them may cast protection from magical weapons. So either dispel it or carry along an extra standard steel weapon.