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21-07-2003, 11:47:43
This is in relation to a CG archive.

Please see this thread..

No longer Trippin
21-07-2003, 12:02:49
So what exactly are you looking for nav... coding, offline storage? Can't help as I don't really know what the question is other than do we want it available to us and how to do it.

Could always drop it into HTML and use the header for the title and build a search engine to scan just the header of the HTML. Though you'd be searching only by post... you could go back and add the starters name, though it would be quicker to code something to do that. Your pretty much limited to either offline storage, taking it off the board but leave the file structure intact, or going to HTML. vbulltin probably wouldn't be happy if you cheated your way into a second copy by reverse engineering the code, it isn't like your doing it to the copy you bought, your basically building another one, thus you'd need a new license.

21-07-2003, 12:11:04
Well I'm looking ideas for solutions and possibly volunteers to carry out some of the work and/ordonate storage space.

Please direct comments to the linked thread! thanks.