View Full Version : No Nvidia for Half Life 2?

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 04:49:48
Well that is if you want to use FSAA.


19-07-2003, 05:34:04
They're pimping ATI cards in official interviews and such.

Sir Penguin
19-07-2003, 05:37:10
I'm torn between national pride, and the fact that I have a GeForce4.


No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 06:45:28
I have an ATI now, though still have the 4200ti lying around just incase my vmod kills the card.

On the bright side of things though, John Carmack has officially stated what DOOM III's minumum requirements are:
1 ghz CPU
256 megs ram
G1 or R7x series vid card.

I guess it doesn't even need direct x 6 commands to run, as if it did that would mean you'd need a Geforce 2.

IIRC the source is www.3Dactionplanet.com

I wouldn't expect anything over 640 x 480 with no filtering at that level and details at a bloody minimum. Considering though most people were thinking a G3, 512 of ram and a 1.5 ghz processor would be what was required to run it minimum it seems that Carmack and his team have really optimized the engine from the alpha that got around the net that had P4 3.02's chugging along even with a 9700 Pro. Now I wonder what the recommended specs are,

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 07:02:42
Yeah, they are pimping them, but nvidia's offerings at the moment are a waste of money on the higher end especially.
How quickly things changed.

They are pushing ATI's cards, even though it was designed at first for the G4 ti. When ATI popped out with the 9700 Pro, and nvidia released that wailing banshee of a card that was produced in such a small batch that if you have one it is probably a collectors item already. They got rid of that card quick seeing the 9700 Pro keep up with it and not make a high pitched and REALLY loud whine - even when in 2D you can here the fan, kick it into a 3D game or app and the fans noise just is godawful annoying. Carmack only toyed around with it for optimizing. Though if went to nvidia's site before the release date you could see commentary of Carmack talking about how Doom 3 was designed around the nvidia's card - which means it was an old clip they pulled, as by then he had tried the card and he was using the 9700 Pro. Hmm, the wailing banshee or the one that doesn't even need a fan to keep cool with the heatpipe heatsink some have.

I guess that is what nvidia gets for letting the engineers from 3Dfx work on the GPU that they poured over countless millions into. All it needed to stomp the ATI would have been a 256 bit interface if they had kept the chip clocked as high as it was. Though they still wouldn't have sold many with the noise it makes.

19-07-2003, 09:16:16
I have exactly the minimum requirements! I can play!!

I wouldn't expect anything over 640 x 480 with no filtering at that level and details at a bloody minimum.
I always play FPSs like that anyway :confused:.

19-07-2003, 15:34:29
Frrrraaaaammmmeeee Rrrraaaaattttteeeeeee.

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 16:29:45
It will still be a little jerky and have hideous load times if you have a setup like that. Though I wouldn't think carmack would overexagerrate the min specs to drop them lower just for more sales - most people have at least a G2 or ATI's equivalent - don't know it at the bottom end and can't be arsed to look. If they've been doing much gaming lately due to direct x requirements the other cards don't meet it as they don't support hardware TnL, I guess they got the engine to due without it if it has to. He might have dropped them a tad lower, just not nearly as much as you see other companies doing.

Feel lucky that ID went back and took out (as from his current comments) the actual NEED of having a card that does TnL. Games are starting to require it, some already do.