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17-07-2003, 14:25:04
How good or crappy is Medion? Especially their laptops.

Medion Titanium MD 2900
P4-M 2.4
Toshiba DVD-RW/CD/RW combo drive
15.2 inch display
NVidia 64MB
802.11b integrated
Siemens 512MB DDR-Ram
Hitachi 40gig HD
XP home
MSWorks, Case, yadda yadda

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 04:10:22
Well since nobody replied I'll at least say that from the looks of what is listed that it seems to be quality. Hitachi makes fairly good HDDs and I have two Toshibas that if you combine their age are probably old enough to get a license. The ram is good for a laptop, it's not going to be pushed, so it should do fine. The graphics card is about the best you can get, ATI's is a tad better, but the quality of the components would be the same. Looks solid, just don't know about the support mainly.

I'd have to ask a friend about the company itself though.

Sir Penguin
19-07-2003, 04:21:38
I can't believe you bought a laptop with a case. What a sucker. :rolleyes:


No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 04:45:27
Some people do need cases for external drives, attachable trackballs, spare batteries, etc.

It probably ships with the case - they use the case as sort of extra packaging.

Sir Penguin
19-07-2003, 05:08:59
Oh, that kind of case. Never mind, then.


No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 05:17:16
What kind of case were you thinking of SP? Surely not an ATX case?

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 16:11:26
Talk to someone, he fully recommends it (and it is a euro tech geek like you wanted). Medion is a division of some company that also makes good PCs/Laptops. Seems that company is Asus. They mainly build motherboards and graphics cards, but they do have a small side business for laptops. They also are one of the top tier companies. So you'd have an Asus motherboard on it which is great as well.

I did see on google that tigerdirect sells them in the US. So if your buying it from them, don't. Worst tech support of anybody, and I can truly say anybody. You have to literally pray to get an RMA out of them... then pray that your broken peice of hardware they don't deem "still fine" and ship it back to you and bill you for it.

Newegg (which has excellent reseller ratings, and I've RMA'd stuff to them with no questions asked) carries Asus laptops, though none in the upper end category as yours is. The most expensive one was 800, though it was stipped down and a good bit slower compared to what your looking at getting from their Medion division.

Sir Penguin
19-07-2003, 17:00:49
I was thinking of the metal and plastic that surrounds the labtop innards. The "skin", so to speak.


19-07-2003, 18:37:28
Thanks for the footwork, Trip. :D

Nope, I wouldn't buy from Tiger if my life depended on it.

Laptop isn't for me...I have one. Someone in my Cisco class asked me about it since I'm the expert. :lol:

I already told one of my classmates to go for the desktop Medion cause it looked like a great deal, brand name parts and cheeeeep for not building your own. Laptops can be a bit trickier, tho.

These have been offered thru Aldi, a German grocery & etc. chain, so I think it would be factory support only.

And SP, a carrying case :rolleyes:

No longer Trippin
19-07-2003, 19:30:53
Your welcome, it wasn't much work. Left a message on a BBS about it, got the answer, then also googled it to make sure.

I'm not positive about Asus being the parent company as my connection is really slow today, so I only looked at the first page of google entries, most related them to Asus right off the bat. Didn't find the companies website though, so I can't say for sure that it's Asus.

If I was to buy a laptop, I would buy it. Building laptops is bloody annoying that's why I'd choose to buy, and he did. I just hate laptops. They are too cramped for me. I only used them when I worked when in meetings or with clientel, otherwise if I didn't need it, I didn't use it at all.

21-07-2003, 10:12:46
Medion is selling through Aldi supermarkets here. They're already the biggest PC seller in Germany. When they are selling here, people line up in the streest to get one. I got a home cinema system from them, works fine. Apparantly the pc's are good value for money, as also discussed on that geekforum you pointed me to last time (gathering.tweakers.net)

21-07-2003, 13:20:49
Yeah, but that geek forum is in Dutch, too many vowels.
That is, unless you'd like to translate it all for me! :D

Thanks for the info. Is the company well thought of? Or do people just line up because it's dirt cheap?

21-07-2003, 16:08:14
People generally line up because it's dirt cheap. But if it were rubbish, the people within the tweaker community would be tearing it apart. And the general idea is that it's a pretty good system, especially for that money. Not a high end machine, but good value for money.