View Full Version : Cooper Temple Clause fans?

*End Is Forever*
16-07-2003, 17:18:54

The new album from The Cooper Temple Clause is scheduled for release on September 8th; however, you can hear it within the next couple of weeks, as we're looking to hold around 7-10 playback events in fans' houses.

If you'd like to volunteer your living room / patio & barbecue / extensive landscaped gardens etc, please e-mail: RICH036@realision.com no later than 5pm on Monday 21st July, with details of your address and perhaps some text explaining why your pad would be a good place for the playback. We'll then pick the venues, hopefully spread regionally, and confirm with the hosts. You can invite as many people as you like; when the day comes, we turn up with the lp, a system to play it on and some beer.

In other news... the first single from the album, Promises, Promises, will come out on September 1st. The video is now finished, and you can watch it in full onsite at www.thecoopertempleclause.com/music. It's also been playlisted on MTV2, and is available to request on Kerrang! TV (selection number 303). Also check out the Gallery area onsite; Jon has been using his phone-camera to MMS pictures from Glastonbury and T In The Park to us...

Finally, when they're not recording/ mixing b-sides, various members of the band have Dj slots scheduled - check the Events section to find out where and when you can catch them.