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God that makes Combat mission seem simple.

16-07-2003, 12:38:34
I meant to read this earlier. Damn concentration lapses. Spell-checking would have been nice (too many typos to mention).

Good review of the series so far. It always reminded me a bit of Final Fantasy, only more of a ‘pure’ game.

Aren’t Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire due for release next week, though?

16-07-2003, 12:54:27
Originally posted by Sean
I meant to read this earlier. Damn concentration lapses. Spell-checking would have been nice (too many typos to mention).

yeah that was my fault, short of time so i rushed in a .txt to funko without spellchecking it, maybe we can republish it

as for the the release date, i have er...'special review copies' :nervous:

(i don't actually have a GBA, i have an emulator)

16-07-2003, 12:56:01
I didn't have time to read it before I published it. Sorry.

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Originally posted by King_Ghidra
(i don't actually have a GBA, i have an emulator)
So how are you going to upload to the Cube in Colosseum?

16-07-2003, 13:19:44
i'm not :cry:

i might buy one of those nice silver sp's and start the game again

or there might be some 1337 way round the whole thing, i think you can get devices that convert emulator stuff to gba/gc stuff

three of the games i've played the most this year have been advance wars, pokemon ruby/sapphire and tactics ogre:kinght of lodis and i'm starting to feel bit guilty because i haven't paid for any of them

16-07-2003, 13:22:02
"Tactis Ogre: knight of Lodis" - where do they get their ideas for names from! :)

16-07-2003, 13:36:48
:D i think some kind of translation process is involved

good game though, kind of like a traditional rpg combined with a series of scripted turn based battles but on a party level rather than with thousands of troops

also it has a class system so you can have different types of troops in your party, from soldiers to ninjas, knights to clerics, beast tamers to liches

lots of depth and variety, really good fun

Here's the website: http://www.atlus.com/toa/

16-07-2003, 18:07:24
Ha ha...Pokemon!!!!

I just don't get it, KG, you have the most filthy mouth and mind on these forums (well, among the filthiest) and yet you have this obsession with cuddly games and girlie stuff.

You crack me up...:lol:

16-07-2003, 18:50:38
you're turning into a bete noire for me BGH :bash:

hey i'm a renaissance man, what can i say?

16-07-2003, 22:08:23
I kid because I care.

You and your fancy girly french terms...why not just call me an asshole, go have a sulk and cheer up with a little Paper Dollz IV?

Greg W
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Good review by the way...is this Gameboy only or do they have a PS version? Sounds like something my nephews would love to play when they are over...I bought them "Croc" (typical Mario "hidden box" type game) and they love it...actually, you'd probably like it too, KG--very cartoony and kind of funny.

17-07-2003, 21:33:57
KG, my son (7) is developing into a big pokemon fan, he and I have started collecting cards and battleing with them, he is able to comprehend the strategy of this fairly well. The GBA Ruby and Sapphire games seem a little more involved (based on your excellent description) what is your thoughts on someone that young being able to master the subtleties of the game. I'd hate to spend the $ on a GBA and a game and have it be overly frustrating.

17-07-2003, 22:31:04
well as i understand it the card game is not so dissimilar, (using the element types etc.) so it might take a little time, might be handy to have a strategy guide on hand (or a good internet site like gamefaqs.com), to help learn and get the best from it. But tbh the structure of the game is really good for teaching you the best way to play - it is clearly aimed at the younger market, lots of hints and tips along the way

i never really got stuck, although some bits take longer than others to finish. You can save your progress anywhere, so you can put your boy to bed whether he's in the middle of the game or not :)

i'm sure if dad takes even a passing interest it will be smooth fun sailing :)

BGH to answer to your question, Pokemon is GBA/GC only and will probably stay Nintendo systems-only for ever. It is one of the few cash cows they have, and has shifted lots of Game boys in the past.

21-07-2003, 16:24:47
Thanks KG, it'll probably have to wait until I want to buy the GBA --> GC adapter and the game at the same time, but I'll probably go ahead and do that sometime this fall.

I am also looking at the Yu-gi-oh card game and may see about getting him into that. (Yeah, I love throwing my money away on stuff for the kids) :)

Scabrous Birdseed
26-01-2004, 23:21:29
Don't you think that "the removal of the day/night system" is because the emulator doesn't support the battery in the real cartridge which means that it's night when its really night and day when its really day? :cute:

I'm about 20 hours into this (just a couple of cities left in the RPG portion of the game), and I like it a lot, but how difficult would it have been to program even the most basic of AIs? I hate how all the blody Numels keep using Magnitude against my Skarmory again and again and again... Or how seemingly all enemies have an "inspect" move that they use more than once in a battle. :rolleyes: (Basically the enemy picks one of four moves at random, even if it's ineffective.)

Scabrous Birdseed
31-01-2004, 20:09:59
I FINALLY beat the Pokemon League on the fourth attempt. Not 'cause the battles were particularly difficult but 'cause I kept running out of potions before reaching the champions.

In the end I went back and did five turns in the trick house and got the 60000 or so I needed.

01-02-2004, 14:54:48
Yeah, I remember in Polemon Blue, you had to face the Elite Four and then Gary without a rest area inbetween. You'd think that Gary would want to face your Pokemon at their strongest to prove that his were better.