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05-02-2002, 02:02:40
February 4, 2002
Genre-Defining RPG Game to be Released Globally in Summer 2002

Game Recreates Classic Pen and Paper Dungeons & Dragons in Stunning 3D
NEW YORK, NY and LYON, FRANCE – February 4, 2002 – Global interactive games publisher Infogrames, through an agreement with renowned game developer BioWare Corp., has secured the global publishing rights for the hotly anticipated role-playing game (RPG), Neverwinter Nights, excluding certain pre-existing licenses held by Interplay Entertainment. The PC game, based on the wildly popular Dungeons & Dragons game published by Wizards of the Coast, is scheduled to be launched worldwide in the Summer of 2002. Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) and parent company Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext: 5257) will handle U.S. and European publishing, respectively.

“We are thrilled to add a product like Neverwinter Nights to our global catalog,” said Bruno Bonnell, Chairman and CEO of Infogrames. “The Dungeons & Dragons franchise has been a major force in defining the RPG genre and with Neverwinter Nights, BioWare has created a new standard of excellence. Retailers around the world are already eagerly awaiting this game and we are putting our full worldwide distribution network of 50,000 retail outlets behind this title to meet the demand this summer.”

Neverwinter Nights is the most fully featured RPG ever. The first computer game to completely recreate the classic “pen and paper” role-playing game in stunning 3D, Neverwinter Nights features a dynamic single player storyline, advanced graphics technology, revolutionary online multiplayer capabilities and the extraordinary new “Dungeon Master” feature.

“Neverwinter Nights will change everything you thought you knew about computer role playing games,” said Jean Philippe Agati, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Infogrames’ Los Angeles studio. “Neverwinter Nights’ unmatched quality represents everything that Infogrames stands for, from unprecedented 3D graphics technology to genre-defining gameplay to a never-ending, user-created multiplayer component. This game will be equally entertaining for hardcore RPGers and those new to the genre.”

The ‘official campaign,’ which can be played in single or multi-player, will thrust gamers into a deep, enriching fantasy world with 60 hours of gameplay across four engrossing chapters. Players will enjoy a fast-paced adventure, revolving around an epic story of faith, war and betrayal. The intuitive user interface was designed to be accessible to new RPG gamers as well as the hardcore fan base.

In a gaming first, Neverwinter Nights allows gamers to design, build, and share their own role-playing modules using the “BioWare Aurora Neverwinter Toolset.” Gamers will take the role of online “Dungeon Master,” creating and presenting their challenges to the Internet community with support for up to 64 players simultaneously. Online gamers will be able to enhance their Neverwinter Nights experience with an exclusive community that will foster the development of new adventures and offer resources for Dungeon Masters, module builders and players.

“This is a game that will live for years and we’re excited to be working with a publisher like Infogrames. We’re both dedicated to quality and to pushing the limits of existing game genres,” said Ray Muzyka Joint CEO and Co-Executive Producer of BioWare’s games. “We’re committed to making sure that Neverwinter Nights is the best it can be. It has been a long road, but the game will be worth the wait,” added Greg Zeshchuk, BioWare’s other Joint CEO and Co-Executive Producer.

“Neverwinter Nights gamers will have unprecedented gameplay options,” said Trent Oster, BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights producer. “Adventure as a single player through user-created modules or play with a group of friends through the official campaign storyline. Or you can be the Dungeon Master for your friends on an adventure you created using the Toolset. Whatever you choose, Neverwinter Nights will provide limitless adventure.”

Neverwinter Nights is in development at BioWare Corp., creators of the ground breaking Baldur’s Gate role-playing games. Neverwinter Nights will be available worldwide in Summer 2002 and can be pre-ordered today at all videogame retail outlets.

About Infogrames
New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company develops video games for all consoles (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft), PCs, and Macintosh systems. Infogrames’ catalogue of more than 1,000 titles includes award-winning franchises such as Civilization, Backyard Sports, Deer Hunter, Driver, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Test Drive, and Unreal, and key licenses including Survivor, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues, Dragon Ball Z, Mission Impossible, Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League, among many others. The Company’s Humongous Entertainment and MacSoft labels are leaders in children’s and Macintosh entertainment software, respectively.

Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA) (Euronext 5257), a global publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms, as well as interactive digital television, mobile smart devices (WAP, HDML) and in-flight entertainment systems. In 2001, IESA acquired Infogrames Interactive, Inc. (formerly Hasbro Interactive), including its right to sell its line of software based on well-known licenses such as Monopoly, Jeopardy, Tonka, and Atari, which are published and distributed in the U.S. by Infogrames, Inc. For more information, visit the Company’s Web site at www.infogrames.com.

MONOPOLY and TONKA are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2002 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

About BioWare
BioWare Corp. is an electronic entertainment company that develops computer and console games. BioWare’s published products include: Shattered Steel, the genre-defining Baldur’s Gate role-playing game series, MDK2 for Dreamcast and PC, and MDK2: Armageddon for PlayStation2. Recently, BioWare released the award-winning Baldur’s Gate: Throne of Bhaal, a massive expansion pack to Baldur’s Gate II Shadows of Amn. BioWare’s developers are currently hard at work on two titles to be released this year: Neverwinter Nights, a Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role playing game for single player and multi-player, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (to be published by LucasArts). As well, development is under way on a new, unannounced third project. BioWare information can be found online at www.bioware.com.

About Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. (NYSE:HAS), is the worldwide market share leader in the trading card game and tabletop roleplaying game categories. A leading developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products, as well as the owner and operator of one of the nation's largest specialty game retail chains, the company holds an exclusive patent on the play mechanic of trading card games (TCGs) and produces the world's best-selling Pokémon® and Magic: The Gathering® TCGs. Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, Wizards of the Coast has international offices in Antwerp, Paris, Milan, London, Beijing and Sydney. For more information on Wizards of the Coast, visit the company's website and electronic retail store at www.wizards.com.

Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and D&D are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast Inc. Most product names are trademarks owned by the companies that publish those products. Use of the name of any product without mention of trademark status should not be construed as a challenge to such status.©2002 Wizards.

Pokémon is a registered trademark of Nintendo.
HARRY POTTER, characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and ©Warner Bros.

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Well, at least they have more time to work on it. From what they were saying before, I couldn't see how they could devote much time to playtesting for a March release. Oh well, it looks like I'll eventually have to buy another game to pass the time.

Sirius Black
05-02-2002, 02:35:25
Ewwww... Infrogrames!

At least it'll come out.