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15-07-2003, 00:38:27
Well, too much TBS and AngBanding have caught up with my poor little Toshiba Satelllite. The "Escape" key broke Sunday night.

Anyways, when I bought it, CircuitCity was only offering no warranty (Manu only), 1 year 100% and 4 year 100%.

I figured to get the machine covered for 2 years, then I'll have to get the big plan (all of an extra $60 or so). Anyways, so I got to have fun today of calling local store, being told to call an 800 number, which then tells me to call the local store, which tells me to call another 800, repeat.

I swing by CC on my way home to check with their in store support people. They give me yet another 800 number... that number hangs up on me. Whee!

Now, my temper is definately flaring. However, I go home (they lended me one of their phones), and try again in the comfort of my home. After a few more disconnects at that number, I get through. And get told... they don't care broken keys. Or doors. Or latches. Or computers. Nice to know, eh? (Ok, some forms of broken computer they cover. But they weren't specific about what special cases those were. Perhaps if my last name was Gates or Bush?)

They tell me to give Toshiba a try. Toshiba says it doesn't sell keys for their notebooks, but does sell the keyboard. A mere ~$60 later, a spare keyboard is being shipped to me. Now, to find someone to install it.

Humm... I wonder if "my boys" can stick a bigger HD in there while they are at it? 40 Gig is just too small...

Sir Penguin
15-07-2003, 00:46:37
Couldn't you make your own key?


15-07-2003, 01:51:04
I'm too lazy for that. However, writing a check is just within my tolerance of effort.

Additionally, some other keys don't feel too fixed in place right now. Makes me worry about breaking them. And... if my boys are willing to crack the case and do the swap for me, it makes a great time to put a 60 or 80 Gig HD in the system. :D

No longer Trippin
15-07-2003, 08:01:38
Ah, circus city. They fucked me over, but once i got a lawyer involved they honored their contractual agreement, albeit reluctantly - gave me a 100 dollar "sorry we fucked you over and please don't sue as we'd be fucked card." They had a POOR rating by the BBB. Not just unsatisfactory, but poor. That is shitty. You really have to piss a lot of people off to get that.

DS, just get another keyboard, you'll kill yourself trying to get them to fix it.

15-07-2003, 14:12:19
I could have sworn I stated that I am getting another keyboard for the notebook... are you 100-0ing me?

I haven't had much history with circuit city. I've bought a walkman cd player from them in the past, and my Toshiba notebook. I bought the notebook from them because they had it in stock, and the other people I normally deal with didn't. The notebook has been really great. And Toshiba themselves have been great on the few times I really screwed it up and had to call them to find out how to get the machine reset.

I don't really expect much from stores these days. Most just outright lie about what their policies are. If you aren't willing to take a problem to the store manager, it isn't worth getting any warranty or service plan these days...

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
15-07-2003, 20:00:25
I bought a set of rabbit ears antennas from them, and I even risked getting a power-surge-protecting power strip with rebate from them (which was honored).

No longer Trippin
15-07-2003, 20:37:37
A, that you did. My mistake DS. Even going to the manager doesn't get much done most of the time. They don't care. They just have to sell the waranty, not make sure it's carried out.

Have an old laptop, the esc key could fit, if not and it's the backside that's messingit from fitting, a little cutting and some Radio Shack super glue (holds better than virtually everything else on the market surprisingly as it is cheaper). Also withstands greater temp changes.

17-07-2003, 21:47:57
I do have another laptop. A nice, old P2. It still works, surprisingly. I think they use different strategies though for attaching the keys to the studs. I'll have to check...