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Greg W
04-02-2002, 21:35:17
Anyone remember this little gem from way back in 1987 or so? Dragged the files down from the 'net last night as my install disks died years ago now (and it was for the Apple II anyway, which other than by emulation I have no way of playing), and started playing it again yesterday.

Only thing is it has been that long since I played it - how the hell do you survive early on? I know the "cheat" to get heaps of cash early on to pay for healing at temples, but short of doing that, how the heck else do you survive? I noticed there's no healing spells till your chars are level 3, and seeing as most fights yield between 30 and 100 exp, and a level is near enough 2k away, how are you supposed to make enough money to keep yourself healed up and alive without cheating? Spell points ain't too bad - they regen in the daylight, but hps don't unless you're a bard.

Any ideas? I am trying so hard not to cheat, but for the life of me I can't remember how else to do it. :(

Vincent Fandango
04-02-2002, 21:43:42
Create a lot of level 1 caracters replacing those who die. After some time 2 or 3 Level 3 characters will survive. Then you should be ready to build up a party. Irecommend to get a gang of level 3 fighters and drop some once you got some decent wizards etc ...

Vincent Fandango
04-02-2002, 21:46:01
BTW I bought "The ultimate RPG archives" some years ago, containing BT, BT2, BT3, BT construction set, Dragonwars, Wasteland, Ultima Underworld 1&2, Might and Magic and some more.

05-02-2002, 00:06:14
Wow, quality games there.

Vincent Fandango
05-02-2002, 08:09:11
most of them on a single CD

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
05-02-2002, 20:56:05
I believe I purchased the same set. Came on five CD's, with (was it?) Wizardry Gold taking up 2. Mostly I bought it for Wasteland (I was in a Fallout period then) and the Bard's Tale series. I think it was for about US$30, too.

The only thing I found lacking was that the Bard's Tale documentation lacked the Skara Brae town map, and I couldn't find the sewers, making the first part of the game a little tougher than intended (amongst others).

I had originally bought BT2 and 3 for the Amiga, and the graphics in those (such as the mere) was way better than the PC. I remember sinking days into both, even if I thought BT3 wasn't as good as BT2.

I agree with the above advice. Also, keep rolling characters until they get good stats. Thirdly, create a large number of useless characters, join them to your party, take their money and boot them. Think of it as mugging the patrons of the Adventurer's Guild :)

Vincent Fandango
05-02-2002, 21:36:49
BT2 on the C64 was very buggy (the first buggy game I ever played) so I preferred BT3. Wasteland was one of the best games I ever played and I still like it.

Greg W
06-02-2002, 21:46:07
Well, eventually I discovered a good way to get some pretty good exp pretty quickly. Go beat the daylights outta the samurai just outside the Inn witht he first Dungeon. 170 exp per pop, only hits for max 5 damage that I saw, and usually went down in a round. Dropped some decentish stuff for an early party too, plate, halberds and cash.

Between that and stuffing around in the wine cellars/sewers, got everyone to level 7. Starting to kick arse now, esp as I got the fire horn off the bard in the sample party. That thing rocks. ;)

Currently mapped about 1/3 or so of the first sewer level. Man, feels weird having to map things again, and it's a pain there's no pause key in the game to help with mapping. I usually press "C" for cast to at least stop me getting mugged. Problem is my spells still run out as I noticed when I answered a phone call. :cry:

Still, having fun, which is the important thing. Ooh, almost forgot, got a few mithril swords late last night - they better than a halberd by any chance? Trying to decide what to keep and what to dump atm. Also trying to decide what path for my spellcasters to take. A mate suggested getting a throwaway character to get sorceror spells asap, but so far I haven't missed sorc spells, and I also never have liked the idea of throwaway characters - I like taking one party all the way thru.

Party consists of: