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29-06-2003, 21:04:13

I got a PC from some uncle who upgraded and he told me the only thing needed was a new power supply box.

I got the power supply box off my own PC and installed it on the new one and what happens is this:

The motherboard turns on (red light turns on, fans start working - but no signal to monitor, no responce from drives) and then after 10 seconds or so it just... turns off.

It's very frustrating, more so, considering this new PC is double the CPU power of my own and would like it to work.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?

Both power supply boxes are 230 V but have some minor differences. i.e. one has only one socket, the other has 2 one male and one female.

Sir Penguin
29-06-2003, 23:41:24
What are the motherboard power connectors like (1x20-pin or 2x6 pin). Also, have you tried running it with the bare minimum of components (basically, mobo, RAM, CPU, and video) to see if it will beep and stuff?


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-06-2003, 04:26:06
Also: is the monitor on and plugged into the PC and the wall? If you've got a female port on the power supply, I'd recommend against plugging the monitor into it

Yeah, it's an obvious thing, but it does need to be asked. Though it doesn't address the shut down issue.

Also, I was rebuilding my wife's old PC in order to give it to the kids in April, and I discovered that Compaq PCs have their BIOS on the hard drive. Since the on-board logic wanted to go look at the master drive on IDE0 for the BIOS stuff, and I had it plugged into IDE1, it wouldn't boot. Fans came on, it did some beeping, but there was no signal to the monitor, though it didn't turn off after a few seconds.

This is a nasty way for Compaq to make sure you can never format or upgrade your drive. Stupid tactic from a consumer point of view.

Try the PC with another power supply, if you got one (or a friend will load you one). If it doesn't work, you've either hooked it up wrong or there's a deeper fault with the PC itself, in which case your uncle probably knew about it before you got it :)

30-06-2003, 19:22:44
Athlons and Pentium 4s both need more power than Socket 370 Pentium 3s. They can easily use 70W by themselves. My practical lower limit for a tower is 300W. Also, P4 boards have an additional 4-pin connection that's usually nearby the CPU socket. Power supplies that are ATX but not ATX12V can only handle this if the board maker opted to use the molex connector instead of the new square connector with a pin at each corner.

17-08-2003, 23:31:22
Qaz, my uncle gave the whole thing to me for free.

unfortunately though, I cant get it to work. I got a new power supply box but zip nothing. the only difference was that the motherboard would not shut down. but it didnt give any signal to drives, monitor etc

I tried to canibalize it but no much luck either... nothing seems to work, some because of incompatibility so thats ok, but some others, like the HD they simply refused to work in my own PC.

I got the CPU fan though, my own was making so much noise it rose the dead.

No longer Trippin
18-08-2003, 06:38:12
Intel's are actually the wattage and heat king at the moment. Barton's run rather cool, 56 watts for a 2500 - unheard of before that for amd.

Qaj: the bios isn't on the HDD, they just have files on the drive which it uses instead of the bios (a mirrored copy) along with other stuff so you don't know what to delete. I've done complete formats, zapped them and all, and gotten them back up. Though without a windows CD your kinda stuck - and they don't give you that, but if you load a regular cd on it, generally they work if the drive has been COMPLETELY cleaned... don't just fdisk /mbr, use zap on the mbr if working on a Crapaq. Some though it's the mobo... so you'd have to replace the PSU and mobo since both have proprietary wiring as the mobo won't work unless you install the OS with a compaq cd which will mirror the bios files over, else the pc will post, but once it detects the drives, it stops there.

Did you jumper the drive right for it to work... just plug it in to a molex and see if you feel it spinning, if it is, then you should be able to get it to work.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
18-08-2003, 19:54:37
The jumper was right, I solved it by plugging it into IDE0. The kids have been using for the past few months with the only glitch being the Windows Help window comes up every time it boots. There's nothing in either the Startup folder, the .ini files or the registry that I can see that could be causing it. Baffling.

19-08-2003, 04:57:09
I've had that problem. I couldn't find anything in the reg, or any ini file either. Nor startup. I got it to stop when I rebuilt the hard-drive.

No longer Trippin
19-08-2003, 05:34:40
With WD and IBM drives especially, jumpering them properly is critical as the drive either won't be recognized, or will die an early death or just decide not to work or disappear from time to time. Most others just won't be recognized, but with how IBM (Hitachi now) and Western Digital's are laid out, they can take some serious hits from long term misjumpering.

26-08-2003, 02:21:47
The only thing I understood is that there's a bazilion things that can go wrong and at least one of them did.