View Full Version : Are there any big rock festivals in europe...

26-06-2003, 15:38:30
between 11 July and 24 July?

Just out of general curiocity and a hidden hope that the tax agency will return what it ows me before I get my vacations.

Scabrous Birdseed
26-06-2003, 19:08:22
Witnness Festival (http://www.virtualfestivals.com/festivals/festival.cfm?eventid=575&dbtable=eventgroup&section=eventhome), Ireland, 12 and 13 July
Size: 1/2 Glastonbury
Lineup: Very nice-looking indeed for a 2-day festival
Price: Somewhat expensive

And that's it, at least accoridng to VirtualFestivals.

27-06-2003, 11:45:45
Ok. Thanks SB :)

*End Is Forever*
29-06-2003, 14:59:40
Coldplay? Eurgh...