View Full Version : Fun with the ID3 Tag "Genre" field

Scabrous Birdseed
25-06-2003, 16:14:09
For some reason MP3 files contain loads of silly album information and shit together with the more obvious "track name" and "artist" info that's helpful for making natty playlists. One of these weird fields is the "genre" list which lets you pick what kind of music is contained within the file... there's some really strange stuff in there. It also varies from app to app for some reason.

Can someone help me identify the following genres, all part of Winamp's list?

Acid Punk
Beat (what, like in Beat Combo or like in Breakbeats?)
Christian Gangsta Rap :eek:
National Folk
Negerpunk (I suspect the germans!)
Polsk Punk
Rhythmic Soul

CDex also has "Data" and "Dream". :hmm:

(On a side note, it's got Soca! Unlike Winamp, which is fucking embarassing on Llamasoft's part I think. Both are rather craply missing Queercore, and Winamp misspells "Dancehall" "Dance Hall".)

25-06-2003, 16:29:05
I think I once heard Rammstein pigeonholed as "Darkwave". Another German thing, I fear.

Primus may have their own genre due to other bands not wishing to be associated with them :hmm:

Scabrous Birdseed
25-06-2003, 16:39:03
Primus the Genre appears in both pieces of software. :hmm:

Scabrous Birdseed
25-06-2003, 16:42:39
AMG has something called "Dark Ambient" which is actually Laz Music. Could Darwave be an alternate name for that?

25-06-2003, 18:57:06
My Mp3 of The White Stripes' Astro is simply listed as "Unclassifiable". I find this endering.