View Full Version : Fucking hell, I just saw "Bruce Almighty"...

22-06-2003, 23:37:57
...and the next film I see will be "2 Fast 2 Furious" - wish my girlfriend was a little bit less lowbrow :(

All I can say in the film's defense is that the cinema was heavily air-conditioned and it was fucking boiling hot today - ie it was over 20c degrees.

Still, it's not like I should have been surprised by the crushingly poor quality of the flick - "starring Jim Carey and Jennifer Anistion" is as good a warning label as "directed by Michael Winner"

23-06-2003, 08:27:43
We watched The Fast and the Furious on Sky on Saturday night. Few people over having a few beers. Was quite fun. Very lowbrow though. :)

23-06-2003, 09:20:12
brum bruuuoom broooooommmm!!!!

23-06-2003, 11:32:01
Yeah - I saw the first one a couple of weeks ago. Not that bad - bit cliched but hardly a surprise eh?

Still cant get over how shit BA was though...

23-06-2003, 12:13:36
my gf was expressing a desire to see this, i was very sceptical

although she did qualify her opinion by saying 'well no i wouldn't go to the cinema to see it, but i'd watch if it was on tv'

23-06-2003, 14:13:46
Under no cicumstances should you let her take you - it is appalling. I reckon there are 4 jokes in the whole thing and maybe one of those made me even chuckle slightly.

They resorted to including the out-takes in the credits to make anyone with an IQ over 50 think it was in fact funny and not just a load of shit. However, even the out-takes were bollocks.

25-06-2003, 17:33:38
The outakes were not too good.

I liked the movie, but my brain was completely fried from work that day. My functional IQ at that time was probably right around 50. I would have laughed at Carrot Top.

25-06-2003, 23:02:04

The Bursar
26-06-2003, 14:18:33
Don't see 2 Fast 2 Furious, unless you are seriously into the cars, or a wannabe-homie ultimate-rezpeckt cunt-of-a-townie type-chappy. The film itself sucks. The acting sucks; the dialogue is comically bad, but comically in a bad way; the plot is stupid; the music is shit. The only remotely good thing about it was the car driving scenes, but they were too long, and too samey. There's only a certain number of things you can do with cars before they start to get dull, so maybe the first 10 minutes was worth seeing.

It might have been better if they'd have dropped all efforts to get a 12a rating, and actually killed some people, smashed up some (more) cars, and made a decent effort to portray the very adult storyline in an adult way.