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20-06-2003, 09:45:10
I might be getting a Dell AximX5 from work. Any people here use pda's and what are the must have applications?
First thing I'm getting is a GPS system I can install in my car.

20-06-2003, 10:09:24
I have a palm 5 for almost 3 years now
I used it the first week, now it gathers dust

20-06-2003, 13:31:01
Tetris, Diamond mine...it is just a gameboy for grownups. :D

20-06-2003, 14:51:51
I've got a Palm m125. When I bought it, I was doing sales, so it was essential. Lots of notetaking on the fly, appointment alarms, to do lists. Very good for me, since I am organizationally challenged and really need something where all my information is in one, preferably paperless place.
I got the download interface and did DL a book or two (unread) some games (Hardball is fun!) and the PalmaSutra (Joy of Sex, digitized).
I have a lot of adresses and birthdays and such in it and tried to use it as a check register, but that failed pretty miserably (just like all my other budget techniques). I also keep all my passwords in it, etc.
If you need it for work, just make sure you really think you'll use it (if you're paying for it yourself that is) as zmama noted, it can become little more than a gameboy.

Anyone have suggestions for really useful programs for the Palm? I'm interested in personal finance stuff, mainly.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-06-2003, 22:41:36
I've used a Palm through work for about 2 years now. First it was a Palm m105, then we moved to a Kyocera 6035 Smartphone (still a mono display, smaller screen, built in phone) which was indispensible. Recently we upgraded to a Siemens SX56 PocketPC Phone. Large color screen, 206MHz processor, Pocket MS Office installed. It's very nice, though I do miss one or two of the functions of the Kyocera. It comes with most if not all of the "must have" apps on it: Word, Excel, Outlook, a calculator, ebook reader, MP3 player.

I mainly use it for work stuff, though occasionally I use it for personal stuff too. Just today I was working out a grocery budget on it, for example. I also read the Lord of the Rings on it :)

As for other stuff that I've put on it, well, they've mostly been games, though I did put a scientific calculator on it with tape readout - that's almost invaluable. And I downloaded a wav file of a cow mooing and changed my ring tone to it.

The downside of the PocketPC seems to be the almost complete lack of freeware available for it. The Palm platform has way more free stuff for it. I had this really cool pseudo-free version of Risk for the Palm that I miss :(

Drekkus, I got a link the other day for this cool looking GPS navigation tool that lets you view your route in 3D. It might be worth considering. I don't have the link on-hand, but I can probably get it when I'm back at work on Monday.

23-06-2003, 10:18:35
Thanks Qaj, let me know when you find it. Right now I'm looking at TomTom navigation software.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
23-06-2003, 19:51:28
I found it! It's at www.tomtom.com - yes, the same one you were looking at :)

23-06-2003, 22:36:38
I've used a few Pocket PCs for a few years now. I started out with a Casio E-125. Fantastic machine. Great for games, keeping all my digital notes, ebooks...

When the backlight in my Casio went out, it got replaced by a Compaq Trashpaq (a 38xx) by my local merchant I had an extended service contract with. Completely worthless machine. I took that bit of shit back after tons of trouble and they replaced it with the newest Trashpaq of the time (39xx). It sucks for gaming, like most Pocket PCs, because they put a button in the center of the D-Pad. Other then that, it's was ok for the first 6 months. Now, I'd rate it a piece of shit. It's bottom docking/serial port has worn out, which makes charging it a pain in the ass. I'll be taking this worthless piece of shit back to the local merchant on my extended contract for replacement, just as soon as the have something better to offer in the Pocket PC OS family. MS has just updated their OS as well, so that's another delay. Luckily, I have a secondary way of powering my PPC that does not involve the docking port, but that is a by product of an extreme expansion pack I picked up a while back, and not an intentional design feature of the TrashPaq.

I hate it when the industry gets it RIGHT the first time. Because that means it will be another 30 years before they get it 'right' again...

24-06-2003, 00:16:17
I have a Palm 5. I think I might have even used it once or twice.

24-06-2003, 06:33:55
I have a Roland PMA-5

24-06-2003, 21:12:48
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26-06-2003, 07:33:02

26-06-2003, 22:55:10
Aren't they all masturbation threads?

27-06-2003, 15:58:54
In a sense, yes. (or Own goal, if you prefer)

02-07-2003, 01:57:40
My family came over to visit for the past week while my cousin from Stanford was graduating and they just so happened to purchase me a nice little gift for being such a good cousin.

They got me a nifty little PDA, the Toshiba e335 Pocket PC.

The specs are:
300 Mhz Intel PXA250 processor
32 mb ROM
64 mb RAM
Pocket PC 2002 OS (I know it's not 2003, but pretty much exactly the same)
3.5" Reflective Color Display (16 bit 240 x 320 portrait)
16 bit stereo sound, with full duplex recording and playback.
Built in mic.

I bought a 128 mb SD card for 29 bucks (it was on sale) and put a few MP3s and lots of software onto it. The whole MyAvantGo.com site lets me download news, weather, movie times, comics, and lots of material to read. Microsoft's site lets me download a few free games and you can purchase lots of other little programs. You can get Microsoft Money for the handheld for free, and I've also installed Streets and Trips for the PC and put a few maps on there for common places I go in case I ever need directions. I also have about 15 books that I can read with it, including Dracula, the Time Machine, Around the World in 80 Days, etc. I'm surprised at the capabilities of these little things and have fallen in love with it.

02-07-2003, 20:53:52
128 Meg SD for $29? Good deal!

Yeah, they are nice.

Dig through the Fiction section to find a couple of threads about free ebooks. Lots of material out there...

as for the diffirence between 2002 and 2003, I hear it amounts to a newer Media Player and the .Net Compact Framework. I'll be finding out soon enough personally, I think. My Trashpaq doesn't have much useful life left in it, I think.

Be careful with AvantGo... there are tons of people who have reported it majorily screwing up their PPC so that they had to go buy a new machine. Mostly, it's using the FileStore/SafeStore/WhateverTheHellTheManuDecidedToCallItStore area with AvantGo.

02-07-2003, 22:09:36
Yeah, it was a PNY Technologies brand SD card. I was a bit hesitant to buy it at first because it sounded too cheap to be good, but then I read it was PNY, and having used their video cards before I knew they weren't a horrible brand (at least from my own personal use.) So I guess I either found a good deal, or just bought the worst SD card on the market.

I'll be sure to be careful with the AvantGo, the last thing I'd want to do is mess up this little fella.

02-07-2003, 22:36:45
Most of the cards I've read about giving their owners trouble were Sans Disk brand.

You can go by and visit http://www.pocketpcpassion.com/ and hit their forums. Lots of helpful people and lots of PPC focused chatter there. Useful source to hit when you want to know about something PPC related or trouble and how to fix it concerning your Pocket PC.

02-07-2003, 22:39:11
Just be careful with your File Store in the first place. If you go over your free space in using it, it tends to be troublesome. Generally, File Store just 'goes away' and you can only get it back by re-flashing the OS. AvantGo seems to cause more problems.

Keep frequent backups as well. Comes in handy when you seriously mess something up on the PPC or for when some new software seriously messes it up.

Other then that, have fun!

21-07-2003, 10:56:27
My experiences with my pda so far (about three weeks)

I got a Dell AximX5, 300 mhz. Looks nice, feels good in my hand and the OS is pretty much like any windows system. The display is pretty clear and the USB cable makes synchronizeing easy (2 usb ports on the front of my pc are nice). I got an extra foldable keyboard that is pretty handy when writing more than e few lines. It has 8 mb of memory, and I put in 16 mb extra (had that laying around). Will put in 128 shortly.

I installed pretty much everything that came with it, MS reader, MS money, Avant Go, and some other stuff. I put some mp3's on it, and some games. A crappy race simulator, a chess game, a golf demo and dopewars (pretty fun). I'm thinking about buying Ages of Empires, but I'm not sure yet (if I will play it enough). I haven't got internetacces with it (via GPRS bundle on my phone), and I probably won't get that any time soon.

Up until now I've been synchronizing every day (not my email though). Nice to have your agenda and contacts with you all the time. Had to install the software a few times since it's a bit unstable, but now it works fine. I read the news via Avant Go, play some games and listen to my mp3's when my collegues are not here. But generally speaking I do not have the feeling I now have the tool I have been missing for so long.

It's a good tool for people who are on the road a lot, and out of the office most of the time. But I'm in the office most of the time, so I have my desktop pc, which is of course better. If you're traveling by public transport, it's probably a nice tool to kill some time, play some games, listen to music and read some. But I travel by car, so I can't use it then. One good thing I could use is the GPS navigation tool that you can buy with it. But that costs about 400 euro (software and hardware) and I'm don't think I will use it all that much (few times a month).

So it's a nice gadget, but not one I would have bought myself. Had I been on the road a lot, it would have been a nfity tool, but now it mainly lies next to my pc. I will be happily using it during boring meetings though, but that wouldn't justify buying one. If I could have chosen, I probably would have bought one of those XDA's with phone and internet built in. But I think I will only start paying for one when I can also use it as my car stereo/ GPS device all in one, without extra hard- and software.

22-07-2003, 04:28:03
GPS will generally be an added package.

It is a good time killer. And an infinite sized note pad. I keep my Project Notes on it. That was the only element in my developing software that wasn't digital. Now I can have my notes with me at any time, in any meeting. And all my other project documents and power point presentations and excel spreadsheets. Useful for work.

Have fun with your toy! :D