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Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
17-06-2003, 19:06:01
Anyone here have any experience with home power line networking, or know of someone who does? I've heard both good and bad things in print and online about it.

I'm going to be starting to think about planning a home network (three devices and climbing!) which will end up some ungodly hybrid of wired and wireless (since I have a stupid vaulted cailing with no crawlspace, I can't easily run Cat5 cable, and my living room already looks like trams/trolleys run through it) but I also want to keep the cost down, even though I'm getting the kids to pay for their own network stuff.

Seems pretty straightforward, but I'm interested in real experiences with power line networking in case it's more viable than I'd previously suspected.

Sir Penguin
17-06-2003, 19:12:54
What the hell is power line networking?


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
17-06-2003, 19:29:11
Using power lines as data transmission conduits.

17-06-2003, 19:49:54
I'll ask at my Cisco class tonight. Instructor is an EE...I'll bet though, he won't have anything good to say about it. :)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
17-06-2003, 19:56:07

These guys have what's allegedly the best power line networking device available for Joe Schmo consumers. Apparently it gets better than 802.11b speeds. Good enough to share a printer, file server, play games via LAN and maybe share an Internet connection.

18-06-2003, 04:56:17
There are some issues... like line noise. Leakage of your info out to your neighbor houses, etc...

Sir Penguin
18-06-2003, 05:00:55
I bet old wiring makes it suck. I guess it's a good idea if you don't have any other choice. It might be better to drape the ceiling with cat5. You could hang laundry out to dry, hang holiday decorations, let the kids swing from them to release energy, etc.


Sir Penguin
18-06-2003, 05:35:26
When the lamp next door starts to say, "Your neighbour is fuckin' a man," you know it's better to go the traditional route.


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
18-06-2003, 15:22:40
I'm guessing line noise is the reason it's rated at 11Mbps but achieves 4-6, like 802.11b The Speedstream product comes with 56-bit encryption so your neighbors can't piggyback on your DSL connection unless the're hackers or something.

SP raises the best point - I have no idea what the wiring is like inside the house, but if the doors are any indication I'll be without electricity sometime next week.

I'll probably go wireless, but it's scraping the funds together that's the bottlenexk at the moment. I'll just have to settle with the crappy motherboard Ethernet connected to the onboard Ethernet in the laptop with a crossover cable. which has problems of it's own (like frequent drops in connection I can't work out - makes AoK frustrating, Diablo downright dangerous and AoM unplayable).