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15-06-2003, 21:07:15
Anybody else here into this?

Since I've been at home a lot more recently, I've got into downloading films (I've had to reduce my DVD spending budget to most wanted..). So far I've got over 20 (all off Kazaa). Most of which I wouldnt have bought on DVD anyway (so I don't feel so guilty).

I bought an s-video cable to watch the films on me widescreen telly, almost as good as DVDS. :D

Sir Penguin
15-06-2003, 21:54:03
Since I got to Uni I've downloaded most of the movies I've ever wanted to see. Every so often I come across one I'd forgotten about, or want to see again. A few have been added to the list of DVDs I would buy when I have disposable income.

Most recently I've been downloading Babylon 5 eps. The first four seasons have been very easy to get, but episodes from the last one seem to be more rare.

Remember, Auto Search More is your friend.


15-06-2003, 23:30:40
I've got just under 6 gigs worth of Mp3's, and I thought I had a lot. You've downloaded nearly 3 times that amount this month!!!

15-06-2003, 23:58:31
Auto Search More? I don't think I have that Maybe I need a new version.

I have build 1 of 2.0.2

and I've downloaded over 3 gig in the last 30 hours...

Sir Penguin
16-06-2003, 00:02:02
I'm using Kazaa Lite 2.1.0. If you set it to look for something with ASM checked and then come back 10 minutes later, it often finds up to a couple dozen more sources (depending on how popular the file is). Also, the cheat mode (participation rating to 1000) helps. :)

I have less than 200 MB of MP3s.


16-06-2003, 05:05:14
You know, it probably isn't best to talk about how you demo all the dvds. Probably against the license agreement here...

16-06-2003, 13:37:40
The best thing is that you can get films like Munje! and Herencia which haven’t actually been translated into English officially, but by some random person. That’s great, even if Munje! turned out to be a bit poor and finding the subtitles can be a pain if they aren’t ‘packaged’ with the avi.