View Full Version : Wild Cards - The Series

14-06-2003, 06:02:07
In the interest of adding a new thread to this forum, I'm starting a convo thread on Wild Cards. It's an anthology/shared world set in a 'some realistic' New York that gets hit with psi powers. Some people think they are super heroes (cause they can fly, or lift a ton, or make a force field around themselves, etc), and run around being vigilanties. Others just use their mind powers to get laid more.

Seriously, I liked the original Wild Cards book. And recently, some of the Wild Cards series have been being released in eBook formats, so I've picked up a few. #1 I really liked (knew I did from reading it several years before). However, #3 I thought really sucked.

So I'm wondering, did the series get worse? Or is it worth picking up any more of the series?