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12-06-2003, 00:39:47
Blizzard FINALLY announces the release date to the WarcraftIII expansion. The Xpac will be released July 1st, worldwide, with simultainious releases for PC and Mac.

Go here (http://www.blizzard.com/war3x/faq.shtml) for a full rundown on the many many many improvements the Frozen Throne offers.

12-06-2003, 08:14:48
Hmmmm... haven't played WCIII since before Christmas I don't think but might be worth getting this if people start playing it again.

12-06-2003, 08:45:39
It sounds easier. A lot easier. With the new control features, and some better balancing, it should be possible to play a vaguely competitive game without having to learn and practise a bunch of insanely complex, counter-intuitive strategies.

But that's crazy talk.

12-06-2003, 08:51:57
I just played normal straightforward strategies, someone should have told me! :D

12-06-2003, 08:53:29
You FOOL! WarcraftIII is all about Sorceresses and Kung-fu trees!

12-06-2003, 09:02:09
I thought it was about my horsies getting fun rides in tornadoes!

12-06-2003, 10:38:39
You didn't like the Kung-fu trees? :(

12-06-2003, 10:48:48
I could never figure out how to get them to do a flying kick or a simple leg sweep.

12-06-2003, 11:44:37
Tree rush, now that was fun... Until it was done to me.

12-06-2003, 18:00:54
I thought this thread was going to be about cold toilet seats

12-06-2003, 20:01:54
You guys don't have heated toilet seats in the UK? They're standard over here...I knew there was a reason I poured so much tax income into the Military Industrial Complex.


16-06-2003, 15:56:10
Just got a great e-mail about this:

Soyez les premiers à faire entrer le combat stratégique dans
une nouvelle dimension... épique !

En cadeau avec votre commande : Le coffret "Warcraft® III Collector Edition, le T-Shirt The Frozen Throne™, le Tapis de souris ou la bande son originale du jeu The Frozen Throne™ *

Warcraft® III - The Frozen Throne™ innove avec :
4 nouveaux Héros de légende
8 nouvelles unités
5 héros neutres
26 missions solo
De nouvelles cinématiques
Des options multijoueurs étendues

08-07-2003, 09:33:32
Anyone got this yet?

C.G.B. Spender
10-07-2003, 15:54:56
Yes. It's very good. Some very interesting missions.
Some ideas stolen from Age of Mythology ... The story is getting more and more complex and I'm totally confused by changing sides every 5 missions.

10-07-2003, 16:07:42
Missions... you mean single player? :confused:

11-07-2003, 01:26:35
It's running too slowly on my machine to be much fun:(. I really need to figure out what is broken in my drivers and setup.

11-07-2003, 10:43:28
Originally posted by Funkodrom
Missions... you mean single player? :confused: Own goal

11-07-2003, 10:45:05
Nah, just joking. I don't really do Single Player. I might wait until Shiny's got it running properly. No point getting it if there's no-one to play MP.

11-07-2003, 11:10:43
why did you receive the email in French funko? is the evil Vivendi doing mischief again? shouldn't they know that most of you anglo-saxons speak (barely) a single language?

11-07-2003, 11:13:47
I don't know!

I actually understood it though.

11-07-2003, 18:10:19
I like the solo player campaign. In fact I don't like MP because I always lose - I even lose against the AI . I like playing FPS MP, but RTS, no thanks. Maybe it's because I don't feel "involved". I usually hit "pause" every few minutes and go out and have a drink etc.

11-07-2003, 18:13:52
It's quite easy:

4 nouveaux Héros de légende
4 heteros on horses with different genders

8 nouvelles unités
8 united books

5 héros neutres
5 heteros with no gender

26 missions solo
26 pokey bum wanks

De nouvelles cinématiques
books about fridges

Des options multijoueurs étendues
you are all gay twats

The Mad Monk
11-07-2003, 22:53:33
Mon Dieu!

Tau Ceti
11-07-2003, 23:53:48
Originally posted by Vincent
I like the solo player campaign. In fact I don't like MP because I always lose - I even lose against the AI The Warcraft AI is actually pretty tough in head-to-head. I usually lose too when I play it. In any case, it should not take too long to be competitive with me, Funko or The Shaker. If you are playing the game semi-regularly you probably have more practice than any of us anyway.

12-07-2003, 12:34:45
Yeah, and playing with the people we were playing with before it's fun even when you lose.

12-07-2003, 14:51:59
Fun for you maybe

12-07-2003, 15:53:55
Vinnie, PM Lady Rachel...she can tell you how to beat the bejeebers out of Funko, every time :D

The Mad Monk
12-07-2003, 21:56:39
Does it involve goblin airships?

13-07-2003, 02:01:49
You don't need fancy tactics to beat the bejeebers out of Funko:D

13-07-2003, 11:21:02
Yeah, just play the game occasionally.

13-07-2003, 12:38:56
Yep. Mike is a sitting duck because he really likes to play games against glowies but doesn't have time to practise.

The Shaker
14-07-2003, 11:11:57
Even I can beat funko.

well once

14-07-2003, 11:31:24
I'm sure I stopped playing you after that 'cause I knew you'd beat me more. :)