View Full Version : Do any other IDEs/compilers do this?

05-06-2003, 19:02:58
Detected memory leaks!
Dumping objects ->
{583} client block at 0x0033C1F0, subtype c0, 120 bytes long.
a CCustomStair object at $0033C1F0, 120 bytes long
Object dump complete.

If ours at school did that, my life would be so much easier! :o

05-06-2003, 22:28:41
That would be the thing I hate the most about C. Memory allocation.

06-06-2003, 05:02:21
Like memory allocation is a big deal. You new it, you delete it. ;)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
06-06-2003, 16:17:23
DS, if it was that easy, why are there so many games and applications out there with huge memory leaks? I mean, like SMAC, and Office 2k, and...

No, wait. Never mind :)