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Lazarus and the Gimp
31-05-2003, 13:48:38
From Threshhold House.

This Winter has been a time of significant change for us...

We believe these changes will prove to be positive in the long run, though at the moment they create a Chaotic system that blinds and baffles us into truly believing that everything is possible, everything is permitted...

Coil in its present form remains. Whatever personal or situational rational or irrational decisions we make regarding the future of Coil, it will always be focused on the central core that has existed since 1982, that is Peter and Jhon, augmented at present by Thighpaulsandra and Slymoon Brown.

We intend the year 2003 to be one of collaborations, serial releases, the realization of long mooted projects, for both our own and other labels, including the 10" for Beta-Lactam "The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence", Robot Records, and of course, bearing the fruits of our enduring relationship, Trent Reznor's label Nothing.

We start the year with a series of Live Cds to be released 2 each month, simultaneously to appear alongside a Special Edition, with additional CDR and containing art objects loaded with magickal intention.

Jhon's struggle with the demons that sometimes control his life was at its most violent in the period after the Holydays when the depressions completely took over and Jhon didn't eat for 21 days surviving on occasional glasses of milk and vodka. He is now much recovered, and in love with his new partner, the artist Ian Johnstone.

Jhon was was left with malnutrition, bedsores, a broken heart, rickets, parasitic worms as long as bed-linens, the beginnings of a D.H.Lawrence-style beard, plus a spectacular and painful broken arm. He became a human pepper-grinder. More serious was the the loss of a green marbleized A4 notebook containing 5 years worth of notes towards Coil projects, somehow lost between Marylebone Road and Old Street tube station - the result of a rohypnoll assisted robbery. A substantial reward has been offered for the recovery of the book.

Jhon is now working towards a two volume set of complete Coil lyrics, along with related essays, notes from scrapbooks and letters going back 20 years, to be published by our own imprint The North Tower. Volume One, "The Dreamer is Still Asleep" should be available for moonlit mid-summer readings. Volume Two "The Cupboard Under the Stars" should be out before Christmas/Ex-Mass. The North Tower will start to publish broadsheets, assorted ephemera and selected writings & visual editions, the most important of which will be a magazine (a Panzine?) called ONE.

Peter has been studying, and working on a photographic book in some of the more remote parts of the Far East, since the completion of the Coil tour last Autumn. This period of solo reflection was desperately needed, creative & constructive, a joy. It seems likely that, when not working with Jhon, he will be spending more time in the East, away from the Occidental. Wherever he goes, he plans to continue to work creatively and to make his output available via the existing networks and channels, including this website.

Both if us feel, as do many of our close friends and associates, that now more than ever is a time to recognize and prioritize what is truly important as artists and magickians, increasingly angry and dissatisfied by the delusional and devalued aspirations of most of the Western world.

We advocate and encourage Pandrogeny rather than homogeny, jism not schism, a carnal super-sensuality, aesthetic terrorism. We declare the formation of the independent state of ANARCADIA - No need for barricades bombast or bombs, instead BE HERE NOW - armed to the teeth with generous feral intelligence. Show yourself to be yourself, for the sake of yourselpH, your sanity, and the right to your own insanity, and be there for each other.

All news and all media is now a malicious and sadistic circus. Society has unfortunately become Spectacularism (see Guy de Bord) - infinitely cruel, totally irrelevant, necrotic and cannibalizing. We must consider the contemporary written word-world to be a plague of disfigurement and deceit, designed to confuse and terrify us all into compliance and obedience

-"The Key to Joy is Disobedience"
(Aleister Crowley "Hymn to Lucifer")

Now is the time to DISOBEY

As ever we are truly grateful to all who support us in our efforts. We vow to continue to work to discover Sounds and Ideas that transcend time...

Jhon & Peter
Threshold House. March 6th 2003ev
"We worship at The Shrine of the Thylacine..."

Given that he had a heart attack last year, and was hospitalised for alcoholism before that, I'm not sure I'd put money on John Balance seeing the year out.