View Full Version : Divine Divinity

27-05-2003, 19:42:25
Anyone played this? Opinions?

I got a few hours on it this weekend at my wife's - its a blatant Diablo1/2 clone, but there would appear to be a lot more story, although all the hack'n slash is still there.

The 20-odd page background story was a nice start, even though it was only included as a pdf.

We only got to level 4, but the story grabbed me more than Diablo did. It also looks and runs good at 1024x768.
Seems to be a solid game, if a clone, that just slipped by my radar.

Greg W
28-05-2003, 04:36:50
Played the demo, and got put off by how much of a D2 clone it was. Despite the fact that it actually had a semi-solid story to it as you mentioned.