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Scabrous Birdseed
25-05-2003, 22:43:58
The "parachuting down to a target" or "flying through hoops" segment used to be a common subgame in loads of old SNES and Mega Drive classics, but it's a genre that's sadly fallen into disuse. Mainly 'cause it was a bit crap. This version is quite enjoyable though with good graphics, sufficiently difficult handling and massive amounts of sheer frustration.


Sir Penguin
25-05-2003, 23:01:05
Ah, another one where Opera's zoom comes in extremely handy.


Greg W
25-05-2003, 23:38:36
Y'know that holding down <CTRL> and moving your mouse wheel does the same in IE? :cute:

(And yes, I can hear the tech forum posts now)

Sir Penguin
26-05-2003, 01:28:56
Nope, and I don't really care either. :)


26-05-2003, 19:33:35
Greg: no it doesn’t.

SB: Mario Party 4, mini-game (bonus mini-game in fact) Paratrooper Plunge.

26-05-2003, 19:37:09
Hmm, there are quite a few in MP4, actually. Like the dolphin/bird ones on the Toad and Shyguy maps respectively. And Manta Rings, which deceptively is not a bonus mini-game.