View Full Version : Cooper Temple Clause + Mew at Reading Uni

25-05-2003, 13:48:04
Funkodrom, Protein, Debaser, The Shaker and I went to see these two at the recently refurbished Reading Uni on friday night.

The venue was a stunning improvement and despite a small hitch at an overcorwded bar we were soon in the thick of it.

The real revelation of the evening for me was warm-up band Mew, who were absolutely brilliant. Almost as soon as i got back I ordered the new album 'Frengers' and i have no hesitation in recommending it.

Nevertheless the bodies were out for Cooper Temple Clause and speaking as a fan i'm happy to say they didn't disappoint. I had to leave the nancy boys and get in the middle of the mosh pit for 'Film Maker' and it was well worth it. They played mostly songs from the first album 'See this through and Leave' and threw in a couple of new tracks which are very much in the same vein.

A great gig but with all due respect to CTC, it's Mew i've been lsitening to non-stop since. My new favourite band.

*End Is Forever*
25-05-2003, 15:13:47
I must admit to adoring "She Came Home For Christmas" since seeing it on MTV2, though I've not heard anything else by them and rather suspect it's mostly indie crap.

25-05-2003, 17:49:30
TCTC were good and they were loud, but Mew were excellent. They were a cross between The Cure, The Pixies and Slowdive with a pinch of The Cranes. They actually had the early 90s Reading sound more than the actual band from Reading.

Can I get a copy of someone's Mew CD when they get it?

25-05-2003, 18:35:11
Yup, Mew were really good. I've just downloaded a song called Am I Wry No which I think is the first track on their album (and was also the first track they played the other night). If the rest of the album's that good it looks like I'll probably be getting it too.

The Cooper Temple Clause were really good too though. The new tracks they played sounded great. It was the last show they were playing with Mew and at the end, during Panzer Attack all the members of Mew, as well as lots of other people came on stage to join in, all wearing novelty costumes. It was good.

Reading Uni is easily the best venue in the whole of Reading now I reckon. Possibly with the exception of the Hexagon. And maybe the festival.

25-05-2003, 18:38:27
Debaser, try and get hold of a track called She Spider - it is wicked.

I'm gutted i missed the novelty costumes, but i ended up guiding a weird couple back home because they were lost in the uni grounds. Well that's my good deed for the year.

25-05-2003, 18:46:19
Cool, I'll see if I can track it down.

25-05-2003, 22:57:15
I downloaded snow brigade and I'm downloading 7 more now. They are just as good recorded. They remind me of the early 90s post-goth early indie shoegazy era.

28-05-2003, 16:54:01
I reckon "156" is their best track, but thew whole album is seriously good.

28-05-2003, 20:58:20
ain't it weird that we all agree. Even Funko prefered them to the Coopers. Indie-shmindie forever yey!!

28-05-2003, 21:06:57
It is weird. Shakey and KG both bought the album practically the next day.

29-05-2003, 08:17:37
I think that just shows how good they are.

Last time I went to see a band where everyone who saw them bought their album regardless of whether they normally liked that kind of thing or not was System of a Down at Reading a few years ago.

29-05-2003, 11:06:09
yeah good comparison, with both of those bands, i went home very keen, grabbed some mp3's to give them a re-listen and soon realised they would be keepers, so then i went and parted with my cash :)