View Full Version : Help, I'm clumbsy and stupid.

21-05-2003, 20:28:39
OK, I am at your mercy.
Is there any way to recover the digital images off a CompactFlash after the file name was accidently deleted?
This happened to a friend, yeah, that's it, who is an ignorant and dumber than a rock.

Resource Consumer
22-05-2003, 14:17:50
I award your observation 10/10:D

Sir Penguin
22-05-2003, 17:07:42
I don't know, but you might ask somebody at the store where it was bought. Don't believe them if they say 'No,' but they might know something.


22-05-2003, 18:14:22
The answer is: yes. But it depends on the camera you use.
If you use XP and the camera has an USB interface just connect it to the PC. XP allows you to use the camera as a drive. You can access all the stored files via the Windows Explorer, copy, rename etc.