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19-05-2003, 22:32:53
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
Everyone I know who has seen Lilja 4-ever said it was extremely harrowing, but brilliant. It's really not my kind of film, so I haven't seen it myself.
You know what? I knew it was harrowing/depressing/bleak, but I thought ‘how bad can it be? Moodysson’s other films have been pleasant enough in tone.’

I’m an idiot. Still reeling from seeing it yesterday, so perhaps a little unobjective. It is brilliant, probably Moodysson’s best film, shot in his traditional documentary style. The soundtrack’s deliberately obtrusive, so much so that I know can’t get that fucking Rammstein song from the running sequence (the best bit, although there are plenty to choose from) out of my head.

I read through the comments on the IMDb and there were a couple expressing this sort of sentiment:I promise, if there was an aid bus going to Russia to help young children outside the cinema at least half of the visitors would jump on it.That pretty much sums it up. It’s so powerful because you know this happens, but it’s not like you think ‘well, they should have just done this and this instead’ because for the most part the characters weren’t masters of their own destinies. Perhaps the director took some license to make it seem this way, but the statistics and stories appear to support him.

Recommended if you are prepared to be put through the mill and not get a happy ending, but witness some extremely talented direction and acting (apparently most of the young cast had never been in a film before, and yet their performances are first-rate, especially those of the central characters, Volodya and Lilja).

Scabrous Birdseed
19-05-2003, 22:43:34
I still haven't seen it, but I can't help but think tendentiousness is such a cheap way to inject meaning into a film...

19-05-2003, 22:50:13
So you would think. I personally don’t seem to have extended it as far as a lot of the commenters on the IMDb have, and whne I think about them, I see your point.