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18-05-2003, 04:22:04
I've taken this post away out of concern over the copyright information... It was an attempt to bring my own fiction to the forum but no problem.

18-05-2003, 05:03:09
Feel free to give me feedback on this horror/science fiction story as it evolves. Eventually I foresee it resulting in a novel length body of work, which I will then print by your donations.

19-05-2003, 11:44:19
You deleted it before I got a chance to read it. :(

19-05-2003, 12:15:35
ok, stupid question, but what kind of concerns did you have over the copyright information?

19-05-2003, 15:39:11
Whose copyright information?

20-05-2003, 07:13:00
There are some issues about first publication. Basically, as Kory has told us, publishers won't even touch something that is "published" for free elsewhere.

Now, Green should be able to publish excerts from his work pubically. That would just be teasers, I'd think. And Green can show it off privately (for feedback, etc). But no public posting more then excerts/snippets IF Green wants to try and sell it.

20-05-2003, 09:14:27
Ah, right.

20-05-2003, 15:05:45
Originally posted by Darkstar
There are some issues about first publication. Basically, as Kory has told us, publishers won't even touch something that is "published" for free elsewhere.
Right, I know these are special cases, but:

In fact, on the first link I found the following quoteNowadays in Russia, the majority of scifi publishers and authors release books electronically as well as on paper. There are huge online libraries with Russian-language scifi and other works, all completely legal. The only difference is that they usually release a book electronically some time after it's launched on paper (usually in a few months), so the publisher can get good revenue from sales in the first hot months and the author can still reach the widest possible audience. (Many Russians live abroad, and for them it's not easy or cheap to get books from Moscow publishers.) So for most authors, all of their books except for the most recent title can be downloaded for free.(I am aware that this is the other way round, but it’s worth bearing in mind.)

21-05-2003, 05:51:24
I'd think most publishers would still charge for their text. Most ebook publishers I know do. A very rare few offer free books of any worth. Some do, but still... I'd be suspisious of the legality of 'free Russion books' until someone has actually asked a few Russion publishers. A market is a market after all.

Now, I do know of several AUTHORS that keep the electronic rights for their books, and those give away electronic copies of their books for free. Usually make you wait a year after it is first published in hard copy before making their work available.

These days, publishers WANT the electronic rights as well though. So, I don't expect many more author joining the 'electronic version is free' pack.

Sultan Bhargash
21-05-2003, 18:46:39
Interesting discussion. Yeah, I was concerned putting the first part of the story out there on this site when it hadn't been anywhere yet... though a part of me feels like I ought to just put stuff out anyway to kind of get the ball rolling; I will probably bring this one back once I've decided that I'm not going to try to publish this particular one... I think it would be fun to have something up and out in a place where people were familiar with me. (Not sure which account I am writing this with but Green Man and SB are very similar people)...