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Sir Penguin
15-05-2003, 00:35:54
Why do they have to make the off button of my UPS heel-shaped and on top of the unit, and the UPS itself just high enough to rest my feet on? :bash::shoot:

How do I propose a standard to the ISO or something?

So anyway, post here examples of things that have been poorly designed (if you feel like it; I mean, I can't stop you if you don't want to).


15-05-2003, 06:47:36
I can't say i really want to.

Sir Penguin
15-05-2003, 06:58:24


15-05-2003, 09:28:03

I had a Colani pen (broke after a week, too heavy, 100% plastic!!!) and a Colani Mouse (too big, bad mechanics)

15-05-2003, 15:48:17
Those "wonderful waterful" pens weren't very useful as pens.

15-05-2003, 21:10:40

that's easy! It's done like that so that after you finish saving your WORK on the PC, once the power goes out, you can shut down your computer, and then turn the power off on the UPS with your foot so you don't have to crawl under your desk and do it by hand.

Think, you black and white fowl! :D

Sir Penguin
15-05-2003, 21:33:52
I'd rather burn the extra five seconds of battery life it takes for me to get down there and switch it off than lose five minutes (or fifty minutes, if I forget to save) of work. I'm safe now, though. I put an old floppy disk over it. I'm so brilliant.