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13-05-2003, 13:02:25
I just downloaded the 8 minute in-game Halo 2 trailer for IGN, which is "IGN Insiders Only". Non-subscribers can see 5 small teaser trailers from it on IGN too: http://xbox.ign.com/articles/402/402123p1.html

A Bungie employee was actually playing this in real-time at the press conference, for all you nay-sayers who believe it's pre-rendered.

The scene took place in a huge, expansive urban environment. Incredibly detailed.
Tons of action going on everywhere, the marines are all running around, dodging fire, exchanging fire, etc.
The framerate didn't stutter one bit, consistently smooth.
You can use two guns at once!!
You can hijack vehicles GTA-style!
A Convenant actually jumped on the windshield of his warthog and started clawing at him, until he shot him off (you can shoot while driving)

These are easily the best graphics ever in a video game, and the gameplay looks absolutely amazing as well. A lot of people complained that Halo's levels got a tad bit repetitious, but this time they're not crunched to meet a launch schedule and they insist the levels are going to be far more detailed (as I can see in this clip) and far more varied.

Don't forget that there's about a dozen vehicles rather than 4 in Halo 2.


13-05-2003, 13:16:00
funny you should start a thread on that, I was about to...

just saw the trailer too, on gamespot, and it looks fucking impressive indeed