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13-11-2001, 10:53:39
Greetings from Amazon.co.uk Editor, Robert Burrow

As someone who's bought proper rock music in the past, we thought you'd be interested to know about Andrew WK's brilliant debut album, "I Get Wet",

They know how to flatter a lad. :D

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13-11-2001, 11:36:40
I have heard Andrew WK is shite, but that was from the great Evening Standard freebie so I'll reserve judgement.

13-11-2001, 11:43:21
It's shite / great. I've only heard the single but based on that...

It's totally meaningless, feel good party rock, like the distilled essence of cheesy american rock there's nothing superfluous, no complexity, nothing other than a big riff and a chanty singalong verse and chorus.

It's shite because it's so empty but it's great because it's so empty, it's totally devoid of bullshit. He's taken one idea to the extreme.

13-11-2001, 13:13:33
I think your giving Andrew WK way too much credit for what is complete shite.

Oh and Amazon are just taking the piss out of your music taste :D

13-11-2001, 14:03:27
It's rousing, it's got that kind of pumping upbeat rock thing going which I love.

Resource Consumer
13-11-2001, 14:10:26
Amazon or your music taste?

13-11-2001, 14:25:06
Own Goal. :D

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13-11-2001, 15:36:08
It was a serious question.:smoke:

13-11-2001, 15:43:24
Andrew W.K.

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13-11-2001, 16:01:49
I wasn't talking about him.

Apparently, he was iniitially going to be called ANdrew AN but then he was told what people could do to that sort of name so he chose two other letters instead.

13-11-2001, 16:13:20
The embarassing part of my musical taste is a very small part of the total. :D

16-11-2001, 13:59:48
If you want a laugh read Andrew W.K.'s summary of his album.


I particularly liked this bit:

This song is about the army which we are making. Our army is an army of life. The neat thing about this army is that, as it says in the song, we shoot without guns, we cut without knives, but we're very hard-line. We don't even need those implements to do what we need to do.

This guy is great. Stupidity taken to extremes. :D He said neat. :smoke:

16-11-2001, 14:02:59
These songs are so clear. If anybody can't understand them they need to get their head examined because I've laid it all out on the line very easy. But all these songs, I like to describe them as doors. What I've done here is craft, with every bit of effort and craftsmanship that I have at my disposal, the finest, most beautiful, strongest solid doors that I could. There happen to be doors all over the place, some that exist naturally, some made by other people, there's billions of them all over.

19-11-2001, 13:39:52
I didn't really like the guy's music, but i'm liking the man himself a lot mroe now. He actually rivals us for bullshit power.

19-11-2001, 13:50:22
Yeah but it's definitely not about the music. :D