View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Delirium

Scabrous Birdseed
12-05-2003, 02:50:26
Over-the-top Robotron-style turret-o-tastic Japano-Shooter that, er, can only be described using lost of dashes, apparently. It's in a foreign language, but simple enough to figure out- the top option starts a new game, pointing in a direction and clicking shoots in that direction (hopefully hitting a fast-approaching enemy) and once they become avaiable the space bar switches between ammo types.

Interesting, varied levels, good pace, good learning curve, quite addictive. Also, despite being a Shockwave.com game, it doesn't require you to download the bloody WebTangent Spyware thingy.


12-05-2003, 16:56:26
That thing will give me nightmares. :nervous:

12-05-2003, 17:09:32
Woah, hectic!!! :clueless:

I got 67200 first go, think it was wave 12 or 13.

i only just realised how to use the different ammo types after rereading scabby's post :o

13-05-2003, 11:00:36
72650 first go.

Jeez, that gets hard quickely!

Immortal Wombat
13-05-2003, 17:56:01
Wave 12, 114500 points. That game rocks

Sir Penguin
16-05-2003, 07:14:35
146465 first try. Lasers rock. :coolgrin:


Sir Penguin
16-05-2003, 07:25:57
249350 second try (wave 16). Bombs rock more. :coolgrin:


Sir Penguin
17-05-2003, 06:21:02
945150 third try (wave 30).


Sir Penguin
19-05-2003, 04:43:14
1312800 fourth try.