View Full Version : Prompted by section two of LWP4 I have started to undertake a relisten...

Scabrous Birdseed
11-05-2003, 20:16:38
...of parts of my record collection I was less than enamoured with before. So far, I've gone through the following:

The Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake: Still quite a dissapointing record, unfortunately. Laz's suggestion of "Son of a Baker" and "Afterglow of Your Love" being standout tracks was proven more than comfortably correct- the rest seems to be a disturbing combination of extremely silly psychadelica and guffawing funny-accents humour, all of which would be alright if the songs weren't quite as dull as they are. Oh well.

The Impressions - The Impressions/Never-Ending Impressions: Definitely better than I remember it being, but not by much. I'm mostly annoyed by the saminess of it all, the fact that the tone is exactly the same throughout. That and the fact that Curtis Mayfield lacks Motown's ability to structure songs properly, with stuff like the vastly overrated Minstrel and Queen seemingly rambling on forever despite being only 2:21 long. Plus points: exemplary production and some fun jazz/folk/calypso/pseudo-ska covers on NEI.

Rocket from the Tombs - The Day The Earth Met...: The big positive surprise- I must have been hung up on the abysmal sound and the multiple "All Along The Watchtowery" songs that dot the CD. Beside excellent early versions of future classics like "Sonic Reducer" and "Final Solution", it contains some great songs that weren't improved upon later, like "Ain't It Fun" which is over-the-top self-loathing in a really cool way. Recommended.

The Smiths- Hatful of Hollow: Melodies was never The Smiths' main strength, was it? All their songs seem to be constructed with Morrisey's brilliant lyrics and Marr's astounding guitar work as a starting point, with the melodies often feeling forced and full of mis-accented words. It all settled a couple of albums later, but on this early-singles release you end up not enjoying the other, gorgeous ingredients as much because the sung lines are so haphazard. Positive points: Marr is the greatest guitarist EVER, the version on here of This Charming Man is way better than the one you usually hear. Other negative point: How Soon Is Now? which has the Smiths trying to be New Order-style toned-down wankers to awful effect.

*End Is Forever*
11-05-2003, 20:21:03
I've been prompted by LWP4 to listen to Track 22 over and over, because it's brilliant.

Provost Harrison
11-05-2003, 23:18:06
I love 'How Soon Is Now?' and prefer the s/t album version of 'This Charming Man' and consider Hatful Of Hollow to be one of their best albums (pretty much on a par with The Queen Is Dead) :p