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09-05-2003, 22:42:57
I began playing SC3000 a couple of days ago (yes I know I'm late) and I've been busy building this lovely city until a encountered an annoying problem.
For reasons of realism I developped the area around my city hall as a medium density zone (commercial en residential). After my city had grown, I gradually replaced it by high density to get nice skycrapers in the area. That went very well until now.
For some reason the HD zones won't grow anymore after I had replaced them for MD zones or all I get are measly 1 tile buildings.
At first I thought it was the traffic that causes this (as industrial zones would be unreachable) but after some heavy measures to kill traffic jams nothing changed. (besides, you'd think that in that case the whole 'hood would die, but that isn't the case either)
Either land value (medium), pollution (low) or crime (none) can't be the cause, so I'm mystified what's behind this stagnation.
Could anyone enlighten me?

PS: I know this is a very peculiar question to ask but I'm rather fond of this city so I'd like to have the problem fixed. :cute:

PPS: RCI isn't behind this either, and I have no problem developing other areas in the city.

11-05-2003, 09:12:03
Why not rip out the whole section of city and restart. That might fix whatever is causing this...

11-05-2003, 11:14:12
Start a massive fire.

I did that once and accidently saved over my city. :bash:

11-05-2003, 13:36:08
Originally posted by TAZ
Why not rip out the whole section of city and restart. That might fix whatever is causing this...

I guess I could try that. It's just that if it is hard enough already to redevelop one block, then what is it going to be like with the whole downtown?

I sort of have the impression that the game only allows slower growth in older sections than it does in newer ones. (I recall this phenomenon from SC 1 so maybe that's the problem)

In any case, I've given up on that neighbourhood and build a new city centre. :)

11-05-2003, 13:36:51
Originally posted by Nav
Start a massive fire.

I did that once and accidently saved over my city. :bash:


12-05-2003, 04:34:22
Check your water...
Higher density requires water.

Remember, as people go up, so does crime. That means people want to leave. (land value goes down).

Check your power...
Dense buildings need more power. You aren't near your max are you?

More people mean more pollution, btw, and that can cause people to not want to leave there (land value goes down).

You might want to knock out one building, and put in a park or some other 'pretty and empty' area. This will help keep land value up, and make it more attractive to people (higher land value).

Oh yeah... check your SCHOOLS. Both the regular and university. Make sure they are in school zones. Raises their desirability.

And fire coverage. Raises land value.

That's off the top of my head. To get and keep the big buildings, you need enough services, utilities, and jobs.

12-05-2003, 20:41:03
Water: checked

Power: has often been near max (I tend to delay building new ones - maybe that's the problem)

Crime: zero or near to

Polution: low (traffic related)

Parks: one block I wanted to redevelop has a park in it, the other a zoo across the street.

Education: one has a school nearby and the other a library

Fire coverage: checked

I do have buildings now in both blocks but that took many years and there are still empty ones around. (no gardens or concrete or anything)

They're quite far away from an industrial zone though, and only connected by subway/railway link beside roads. And I constantly get messages trains and subways are overcrowded. Could it be that redeveloping is this problematic because of weak transport links, whilst they're not weak enough to make people abandon already existing buildings?

13-05-2003, 17:50:26
Land value is the issue.

You want to get that back to high or very high.

If you still have the university reward to deploy that alone could do it if you placed it near this city center.

Try adding some museums or libraries, and if there is any chance to bring in some water to the area you'd be sitting pretty as well.

14-05-2003, 08:07:41
I have a zone near the new city centre of 3x3 tiles, plus some more empty ones next to it, that remains empty. It's right next to a shore and has very high landvalue. :clueless:

I've build a university already, even got a nice 4x4 res building across the street, but still a lot of empty tiles as well.

It's really strange, I'm having empty tiles all over the place while RCI is positive. (and crime is low to non-existing, except of the heart of the new centre, where they just keep on building new skycrapers - maybe I need to increase crime in the rest of the city? :hmm: )

14-05-2003, 08:52:33
Think I got the problem fixed. :D Turns out that there just wasn't enough work around. I had assumed that if there's demand for residential zones, they'd come but apparently not.