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The Mad Monk
08-05-2003, 06:36:43
This is NOT a drill...repeat, this is NOT a drill...



I'm...really starting to like this patch...:)

08-05-2003, 12:27:55
Neat, until everybody has them.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
09-05-2003, 03:33:35
Little red X's - are they some kind of Blood Shuriken?

The Mad Monk
09-05-2003, 04:54:33
They were working last night.




The Mad Monk
09-05-2003, 05:01:04
Okay...the links aren't working on their end, apparnetly.

09-05-2003, 06:50:54
Yep, apparently the Arreat Summit got a massive update last night and now about 6543655743 people are trying to access the site.

If you want some info nevertheless, I suggest you go here:


09-05-2003, 06:56:03
Holy crap! From what I've read so far v1.10 looks absolutely awesome. The skill changes look very interesting. :eek:

No wonder it took Blizzard so long.

The game better be 10 times harder now with all those new uber items available ...

09-05-2003, 09:12:33
According to this (http://www.lurkerlounge.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=5&t=740&linear=1&st=20), one of the people working on the patch (I wonder if it's #1 or 2) says that a lot of the information up on the Arreat Summit is wrong.

09-05-2003, 09:40:04
Ah, I see on the Basin you've already noticed that, Mt.

Btw, how is Seven Lances?

09-05-2003, 09:53:16
Originally posted by Ellipsis
According to this (http://www.lurkerlounge.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=5&t=740&linear=1&st=20), one of the people working on the patch (I wonder if it's #1 or 2) says that a lot of the information up on the Arreat Summit is wrong.

Why would someone release wrong information on the Arreat Summit so close to release? Doesn't make sense to me. As I said on the Basin forums I think Isolde is just trying to cover up to keep the suspense high until the release.

Or maybe those people at Blizzard just don't talk to each other very often? :D

About SevenLances ... it is a great mod for everybody who's looking for more challenging gameplay. You can find a lot more info about it on www.sevenlances.com (but you probably know that already). I can only recommend it. We've even got an own private realm. :)

09-05-2003, 09:59:31

Version 2
About the time of 1.10, there will be a version 2. It will feature 40 some normal/exceptional sets. There will be new monsters such as dragons and blood knights, and many more will have their names, AI, and locations changed around. Levels will also be changed so that every act will have an optional side area that can challenge Patriarchs/Matriarchs in hell. Likely you will see some of the new things 1.10 brings to the table as well.

(from the SevenLances page)

Sounds awesome. :)

09-05-2003, 10:12:27
This IS a drill:


09-05-2003, 11:05:40
That's a drill? It looks like a toy! Or a screwdriver.

09-05-2003, 17:58:03
No, no, Dewalt makes pretty good stuff.

The Mad Monk
09-05-2003, 18:56:20
Yep -- pretty crafty move on Black & Decker's part, as well.

The Mad Monk
10-05-2003, 07:25:29
A few more pics:




The Mad Monk
14-05-2003, 05:51:27
Another one, fresh from the source:


It looks like we'll get bosses in the blood runs now. Summoning skills will now be available it items.

The Mad Monk
23-05-2003, 07:39:34
Are you all interested in more screenies, or should I hang it up?

23-05-2003, 09:42:49
Hang it up. I think those few here who are interested in v1.10 get their info somewhere else anyway.

23-05-2003, 12:00:38
More screenies!

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-05-2003, 23:49:22
More please. I surf at work, and it's loads easier if someone does the legwork for me :)

Sir Penguin
28-05-2003, 00:15:21
And I like to look at the pictures but I don't care enough to search for them.


The Mad Monk
28-05-2003, 02:46:32
Here is an example of how skills will work together:


The Mad Monk
28-05-2003, 07:39:10
This one shows an assasin fighting a...something. I'm guessing in Worldstone.


The assasin apparently demonstrates the 'ethereal' feature you can get by completing certain sets.

She's showing Phoenix Strike, which means she's at least level 30, and a set of full rejuvs, which some believe indicates nightmare or hell.

Which leads to the following question: is (the) Serpent Magus completely ability and resistance free? Or are they no longer showing that information to the player?

EDIT June 09: several players noted the presence of a Bone Spear being shot at the assassin in the above screen shot. GFraizier commented on this:
NEW BONUS INFORMATION: Sharped-eyed fans have noted the hint of a Bone Spear appearing in this Assassin Phoenix Strike screenshot. Serpent Magi in the Worldstone Keep now can use the Necromancer's skill -- one of many improvements to the monsters in the upcoming 1.10 patch.

The Mad Monk
29-05-2003, 03:45:31
A focus on the phoenix strike skill:


30-05-2003, 11:36:57
The Serpent Magus pic is taken in normal on "player 64", so no resistances or immunities. The Serpent Magus is a Claw Viper type you can find in the Kurast temples and only there. I guess this pic of them on the Worldstone level shows a little of the promised increase in monster variation and randomization. The Marauder/Invader type monster the assassin is also fighting indicates that as well.

Resource Consumer
30-05-2003, 11:50:06
I still think Diablo II is gay.....

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-05-2003, 15:41:44
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And because I can't be bothered finding out elsewhere, I guess the little "I/II" tabs above the inventory weapon slots are a LoD addition - what are they for? It would seem I'm stuck playing v1.09 Diablo 2 vanilla, and all this extra detail strikes me as a little strange...

30-05-2003, 16:12:34
Weapon switch. You can put a second set of weapon(s) or weapon/shield there.

30-05-2003, 17:28:49
basically, its extra inventory space :)

The Mad Monk
30-05-2003, 20:43:35
You hit the 'W' key (or something else, if you've changed the controls), and whatever weapons / shield you have ready for use is exchanged for the weapons / shield in the same spots under the other tab. It's your own, personal hammerspace.

While it's sometimes best used for additional storage, I generally put it to good use on the run. My sorcies get the most use out of it, as I can change set-ups optimized for two different spells between castings, with no fumbling at inventory and no chance of accidently dropping something in front of your "friends", in the space of a single kestroke. Another typical use for me is to hold some kind of missle weapon for immediate use, for those that don't normally use one but need one at the moment. Same goes for a non-shield setup switched to a shield-using setup, for when you need that extra lightning resistance...now.

The Mad Monk
30-05-2003, 20:51:23
The Serpent Magus pic is taken in normal on "player 64", so no resistances or immunities.

Darn. I was kinda hoping that they had picked up on one of the easier ways to make the game harder -- not knowing what will and won't work before you've even begun to fight.

Qaj -- what are you waiting for? The expansion has been out nearly two years -- go get it! :)

31-05-2003, 08:49:22
It's been corrected to nightmare now. Apparently normal has no monster changes. Still as boring as ever.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-06-2003, 20:32:31
I'll get it. One day.

I'll probably end up getting the battlechest thingy though. I kind of got my 9 year old girls hooked on it, so perhaps they'll inherit my current Diablo II disks :) It's amusing - at first they were too scared to go into the Den of Evil, now they're strutting around blasting anything that moves (with a sorceress). Haven't died yet, either, which is impressinve for people with such poor mousing and keyboard skills :)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
03-06-2003, 03:00:50
Okay, well, you twisted my arm. I got it cheap this evening. I guess the kids get my old version, mua ha ha!

Greg W
03-06-2003, 03:13:41
I wish that lag from Australia wasn't so bad. Though, to be fair, I haven't tried it out since I got broadband. Hmm...

The Mad Monk
03-06-2003, 03:43:32

A normal unique item...


is transformed into an exceptional item with the same stats...


and, finally, an elite item with the same stats...


Fantastic. My Demon Machine shall become an actual demon crossbow!

The Mad Monk
03-06-2003, 03:44:52
Let us know how you like LOD, Qaj! :)

Greg W
03-06-2003, 06:23:16
OMG, with broadband, surprise, surprise, it is actually playable. Pity that I have to start as a danged newbie though. :cry:

Now I just have to get out of single player Diablo mode where I just put points into what I thought would be cool (like lots in Ice bolt), and start thinking long-term...

The Mad Monk
05-06-2003, 02:50:56
More on cube upgrades (comments from diabloii.net)...

This works on unique weapons only. There may be another recipe for unique armor.
You can not jump a normal right to an elite, you have to go to excep and then turn the excep into elite.
The item stats remain the same, just the base item upgrades. (Which is the whole point.)
You will likely increase the Clvl and will definitely increase the str and/or dex reqs to equip the item.
Ethereal uniques may be used and will stay ethereal.
Items you have already socketed will preserve the socket and/or the things you have in the socket.
This does not work on the Buriza (that item is specifically exempted from being upgraded to unique). There may be other items exempted also, but we don't know of any at this point.
These recipes do not work on sets or crafted or magical or rare or other types of items. Just unique weapons.
There is no reason to use this on non-damage weapons, such as wands or orbs, unless you just really really want to.

We may have a winner. 3 sockets, huge max dmg, and self-repairing, so you don't need a Zod.


An Elite Ribcracker is clearly a Fury Druid's dream, though mace Barbs would like it also, aside from the short range WW. It's got IAS, average dmg, Crushing, etc. Ethereal is just sickening, but you must have a Zod to use it.

Not quite a Windforce, but a lot easier to find. Plus you can triple the damage for undead/demons.

Gives you an idea why the Buriza is exempted from this recipe, eh?

06-06-2003, 01:09:16
GFraizer has replied to one of the endless "When??!??!!!?" posts (http://www.battle.net/forums/thread.aspx?FN=d2-general&T=182743&P=1&ReplyCount=9#post182743) on Bnet:

We're not sure. But it won't be in the next couple of weeks likely.

As we've been saying, there will be a v1.10 ETA update in the FanSite Chat in mid-June. Obviously things are taking longer than Bill Roper anticipated in our interview from E3 (http://www.diabloii.net/features/v110-patch.shtml#e3) .

Surprise, surprise. :rolleyes:

06-06-2003, 02:57:08

The Mad Monk
06-06-2003, 07:27:02

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
06-06-2003, 16:15:49
Well, the patch might not be here, but my Battlechest arrived yesterday. After spending a half hour installing it (but then, I also had to sub-2 year olds to manage and an unruly 6 year old) and then eating dinner, I finally got to play it...

...and it was just like the original only with a subset of confusing new items to deal with. Of course, I'm playing single player, so the whole multiplayer aspect is beyond me for now.

I like and dislike the 800x600 mode. Sure, when you're out in the sunlight it's great - you get to see way more real estate (and by way more I mean a little more, but it's helpful to see stuff from further away - nothing more annoying than being shot at by Act 3 pygmies when you can't even see them). The drawback is at night or in dungeons - the default light radius looks more like a spotlight than ever. I'd prefer to see it maybe a little less bright in the center but very dimly extend a bit further.

Charms are a bit useless so far - I guess I've yet to find one that's powerful enough to help me out so much that I don't regret filling my (still limited) inventory with them. Perhaps when I've accumulated enough wealth I can devote my junk runs to looking for rare and above items I'll be happier making that sacrifice.

The expanded stash is nice, but I'm already filling it with gems (why?? habit?) I recently upgraded to Vanilla Diablo 2 v1.09 after playing v1.03 for a few years (I'm hideously behind the times, I know) and I like the increased gem drops - it made bulding some useful items actually worthwhile, at least on early levels. I recall in my first v1.09 Vanilla game, I created a succession of fairly powerful poison blades for my Barbarian that I kept until about midway through Act 3 when I found a much more useful unique Falchion. Sure, they didn't do as much instant damage as a fire or cold weapon might have done, but most enemies only needed to be hit once, so I found myself running from enemy to enemy, inflicting light woulds and coming back a few seconds later to loot their corpse :) And the all resistance sheild I made was quite nice too.

(Later on, though, the Barbarian had more difficulty getting through Normal Hell than was previously the case in v1.03 - I think the v1.09 changes were meant for LoD, and weren't entirely as well balanced in vanilla, or maybe it'll be the same, I don't know yet).

So far in LoD I've found only one rune, but I'm only up to the Tamoe Highland in act 1 with a principally cold-based sorceress. I read a little about them online, in the instructions and in the Battlechest strategy guide. I don't know if they're all that useful (maybe the Zod one is) but I guess I'll find out :)

Etherial weapons are irritating early on. You either sell them, use them till they break and sell/discard them or ignore them. And, with the higher rate of magic or better weapons you find in the game, there's just about always something more useful to use.

The hireling equipment deal is pretty good, if a little unbalanced. Act 1, as soon as I could afford it, I hired the most powerful Rogue I could, and equipped her with a Long Bow I bought off Gheed, and I've kept her armor upgraded to whatever was the best I've found so far (that I couldn't make use of, of course :) ). Result: she currently has way more AC than I do, and kills many foes before I can! And I read in the patch details they decreased the chance for hirelings to be hit by monsters...

I like some of the class-specific items you can get. The preserved heads look pretty cool :) And I'm guessing that many of these are designed so that a character can receive twice as many skill bonii as before (or in the case of, say, the barbarian, can begin to receive them). Very nice.

Haven't explored the two new classes yet. I thought I'd go through with one that was familiar, acquaint myself with other imrovements first, and then see what they're like.

To summarize: I'm liking it, but there's enough new stuff that has no real impact yet that I'm not completely loving the whole shebang yet. Time will tell.

Also, I plan to try it out in multiplayer again (last time I did was a while back - dial up is not conducive to online gaming, IMHO) some time soon, so maybe that'll make things a bit more interesting :)

The Mad Monk
06-06-2003, 19:57:40
Cool, let me know if you ever decide to hit USEast. :)

The best uses of charms for me has been to patch holes in my resistances, to give fairly large boosts to life and mana, and to supply certain categories of elemental damage where I would otherwise not have them. On occasion, they've been used to help a character use something that would otherwise be beyond her.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
09-06-2003, 19:06:18
Tried USEast on Friday, but it was down. Got a fairly good run on USWest, though I've found that people don't really stick around very long - they get on, do a quest or two, then evaporate. Hard to really get a good experience building session going.

On a lighter note, I started and finished the Act5 single player yesterday with an old CLvl 27 barbarian I had lying around with only the first 4 acts (normal) complete. A nice act, good for experience building (which is what I'd heard around the place) but still not as good for overall feel as Act2 (minus the cellars - they suck).

I still hate Act3 :)

The Mad Monk
10-06-2003, 00:00:08
Dosen't everyone? :)

I edited in some new info on the assassin/serpent magus shot .

10-06-2003, 03:40:37
Boring jungle areas, annoying pygmies and exploding undead pygmies who kill my druid, even if he has 969695786908 hit points. Yep, I hate act 3.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
11-06-2003, 03:06:51
I think I have successfully hooked my entire family on Diablo! The twins are ploughing through Act I, I'm still figuring out the LoD additions, and I'll be playing on the network against my wife sometime soon. The eldest boy is getting to the stage where he might be able to do some small amount of Diabloing soon, though he'll need someone to read all the text for him.

Fun :)

The Mad Monk
12-06-2003, 00:04:26

The Mad Monk
17-06-2003, 05:00:30
We have a screenshot of a NEW RUNE CUBING RECIPE, this one for higher level runes.

Three jah runes and a flawless (not perfect!) ruby:


Become a cham rune:


17-06-2003, 07:59:47
Jah runes? I don't think I've found one ever. Very useful recipe, I must say :rolleyes:.

The Mad Monk
17-06-2003, 08:03:32

The Mad Monk
17-06-2003, 08:04:26
That's like saying the unique cubing recipe will only work on Deathspade.

17-06-2003, 08:34:16
Well, they could've picked some slighty more common rune than Jah to use as an example. My ghettoized single player characters are already jealous enough as it is of the realm twinkers.

17-06-2003, 09:21:51
I wonder if that recipe is for Thul and better runes, or just for the really high level ones.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
17-06-2003, 23:14:56
From the News site, they didn't specify the level of gem you needed.

I'd guess they've added recipies to enable you to take a buttload of bottom-level runes (what are they, El?) and eventually be able to transmute them into the highest (Zod?)

It's silly. Runes are rare enough as it is, they could have made it two runes and a gem, or even just two runes.

The Mad Monk
18-06-2003, 01:55:44
The low level runes recipe is identical to the current gems recipe -- cube three for one of the next higher order. Works until Thul. fortunately for us packrats, that's been activated from the begining. Nobody knows why they stopped it cold at Thul -- as you say, it would take a helluva lot of low level runes to hit even, say, Ko.

20-06-2003, 00:35:00
Here's the transcript of the v1.10 chat that ended half an hour ago.

It was attended by a rather large Blizzard posse.... Bill Roper, Max Schaefer, Brian Fitzgerald, Derek Simmons, Peter Hu, Ken Williams, Robert Bridenbecker, Chris Arretche, Matt Householder, Geoff Fraizer, Lisa Bucek, George Wang and Gil.

Q: Will there be any new features added to the chat gem, or are you still satisfied with the way it works?

Blizzard: The Gem is perfect. Your first question has been squandered. Diablo is unpleased and his red anger has been raised.

Q: How will the ladder change with the Patch?

Blizzard: The purpose in 1.10 is to provide a new, clean environment free of twinking. There will be new ladder-only drops of items as well as new Horadric cube recipes. Also, only ladder characters will be eligible for the ladder.

We are still testing patch 1.10 and are really looking at only bugs at this point. We are excited about all the new stuff going in and as SOON as it is ready to release, we will get it out. I wish I could be more specific, but all I can say is that we know everyone wants it NOW (so do we) but it has to be right when it comes out.

Q: Why are some of the items and horadric cube recipes for the ladder only?

Blizzard: We think that ladder play is going to be more fun than regular, and we want to give extra incentive to get people to try it. As a result of the new items, the balance in ladder games will be just a bit tougher than regular.

Q: What is the plan regarding hacked and duped items?

Blizzard: Nuke Nuke Nuke Nuke Nuke! We are going to be introducing our 'rust storm' concept where we go through and do some serious housecleaning of these items from the realms.

Q: Have you done anything to limit the ability of higher level players to help 'rush' newbies through the game very quickly?

Blizzard: Players only get experience if they are close to the monster when it's killed. NOTE: There are several areas where you can't town-portal to unless you've completed the quests with 'unlock' them.

Q: Are all of the changes in the patch expansion only?

Blizzard: At the very least, monster balance and skill synergies will be applicable to both Diablo II and Lord of Destruction. Some of the other changes may apply as well, but I would have to look again.

Q: How long will the ladder season last?

Blizzard: The season will last until just before the next one starts:) Actually, we're not sure.

Q: Are you improving Rare items?

Blizzard: We are making rare items a little bit better. it is hard to define exactly how that applies to every single rare, but overall the answer is yes.

Q: Have you done any changes to gambling?

Blizzard: We've increased the likelihood of getting rares, sets and uniques via gambling.

Q: Will higher level runes be easier to get?

Blizzard: Yes, thanks to the new Horadric Cube recipes. Also, the Hellforge quest now drops better runes, the Countess drops better runes, and the rune drops themselves have been improved to be more likely to drop better runes.

Q: Can you do something about the hordes of ears in dueling games?

Blizzard: Ears (and all items) that are left on the ground will now get deleted after a few minutes. Also, we've added the "/nopickup" command which makes it so that you have to have the "alt" key down to pick up items (preventing accidental pickups.)

Q: Will all of the classes have new synergy abilities?

Blizzard: yes! Rejoicing may now commence.

Q: What improvements have you made to Druid Elemental Skills?

Blizzard: We've improved the damage ramps, added physical damage to some of them, added synergies, made Armageddon useable in Were-form, and other tweaks as well.

Q: Will you be able to unsocket items?

Blizzard: yes, through the awesome power of the Horadric Cube. There will be a price, of course. There is always a price.

Q: Now that mana potions are available at the vendors, are you changing the cube formula that creates rejuv potions?

Blizzard: Yes, they now require a particular gem also to create in the cube.

Q: Have you made any changes to dueling/player vs. player combat?

Blizzard: We have made some changes in that we have reduced PvP damage. Also, a lot of the changes to skills and synergies will change the balance and strategies of PvP, so duelists should have a lot of fun.

Q: How have monsters changed at higher difficulties?

Blizzard: Many monsters have higher hit points, more skills, better defence, move and attack faster, more varied resistances, more abilities, etc.

Q: Will there be a hostile timer so you won't get killed instantly by unscrupulous script users?

Blizzard: Yes, we tried this recently through a server-side patch with, well, not so good results. We know what the issue was and will make sure this works by the time 1.10 goes live.

Q: Are you fixing the Zod bug?

Blizzard: Yes, yes we have. We have fixed the Zod bug. Yes. It is fixed.

Q: Is there any way to distinguish 1.09 set items from 1.10 set items when trading?

Blizzard: There is no way to distinguish this, but if this is a concern, that is just another good reason to play in the new Ladder. Sets built with mixed 1.09 and 1.10 items will still get the full new set bonuses, however.

Q: Will there be a chat icon for Warcraft III?

Blizzard: Yes.

Q: Are you changing the level limit?

Blizzard: Nope - but it will be a LOT harder to get to level 99 after 1.10 goes live.

Q: Are you adding any new unique throwing items?

Blizzard: Yes, we are adding exciting new unique throwing items. There will eb lots of other types of uniques as well.

Q: Will the mercenaries' skills/abilities change with the patch?

Blizzard: No. We held meetings with the Mercenaries Unions and they asked for no changes to their skills. We went ahead and rebalanced them for the higher difficulty in 1.10.

Q: Will 1.09 items be automatically upgraded to 1.10 items?

Blizzard: No they won't. You have to find the new ones to get the new stats and attributes:

Q: Will the performance of the game be improved?

Blizzard: We have found in our testing that the changes to our collision detection system has helped performance. Also, we have done some work on server performance to make it better.

Q: Are you upgrading potions?

Blizzard: Yes, we have upgraded health, mana, warmth, antidote, and stamina potions.

Q: Will necromancers skeletons be improved?

Blizzard: Oh my, yes. We are bumping up the life and damage your Skeletons get from Skeleton Mastery, as well as really beefing them up in their individuasl skills.

Q: Have you made any changes to casting delays?

Blizzard: We've added casting delays to Valkyrie and Shadow Master. They are beefed up to compensate for the delays.

Q: What are you doing to the cow level?

Blizzard: Moo! Players have been steaking out their claim there for too long, so we decided to beef it up so they can't milk it for all it's worth.

Q: Can you give us any details about the 'World Even'?

Blizzard: Yes. But that spoils the surprise, doesn't it? All I will say is that the reward for triggering it is unbelievable.

Q: Are you making any changes to magic find?

Blizzard: Yes, we have made 'Magic Find' no longer work on end bosses and certain uniques.

Q: Have you made any changes to boss runs?

Blizzard: Bosses drop better drops the first time they are killed. Magic Find no longer works on them, and bosses that were too easy to get to have reduced drops. Oh, and they are harder now.

Q: Will there be Horadric cube recipes that let you upgrade all the way to a Zod rune?

Blizzard: Yes.

Q: Are there any enhancements to Battle.net?

Blizzard: We have added a lobby on entry to Battle.net that will let you see your character stats and jump directly into a game. You can enter the normal chat room from the lobby.

Q: How are charms affected in 1.10?

Blizzard: There are new unique charms!

Q: What changes have you made to experience?

Blizzard: We have readjusted the experience rate (penalty) above level 70 to make climbing to the highest levels more difficult. We have also changed how experience is shared between party members including how close they need to be to a monster death to receive experience.

Q: Have you made changes to existing unique and set items?

Blizzard: We have made changes to mostly the Set and some Uniques. But previously found 1.09 items remain the same.

Q: Will the patch be immediately available for MacOS?

Blizzard: You betcha!

Q: Are other skills besides Whirlwind getting new graphics

Blizzard: Yes!!

Q: What are the future plans for the game...is this the final patch?

Blizzard: Currently, there are no plans for any further patches that contains new content. We will, however, continue to support the game with necessary bug fixes as well as duped item deletions and continued repercussions for those using hacks.

Questions about the chat gem and ears in dueling games? Who the fuck cares about that?

Quite a lot of really ridiculous questions if you ask me. The Amazon Basin had quite a bunch of very interesting ones but only got two answered. :rolleyes:

The Mad Monk
20-06-2003, 07:26:16
Nice catch! :)

The ears question may have been dumb, but it produced an important piece of information:

Blizzard: Ears (and all items) that are left on the ground will now get deleted after a few minutes. Also, we've added the "/nopickup" command which makes it so that you have to have the "alt" key down to pick up items (preventing accidental pickups.)

Solo muling has just gotten a lot more dangerous. :(

Lots of good stuff though -- but I imagine that the super-mf'ers will be less than pleased about the superunique/boss news.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-06-2003, 23:22:50
Someone please define "muling", super MF'ers and MF in general. And what's the deal with ears anyway? And anything else I might not understand, thanks :)

The Mad Monk
21-06-2003, 02:42:57
Muling: you have good stuff that you can't use on a char, so you put it on a char you don't use for playing (either retired or purpose-made) for future use or trading material. The char you load with the stuff is called a "mule"

Yah mule!

MF: magic find, like hay you see on some items. Special made magic finding chars can get up to and beyond 400% added magic finding ability, and are called super magic finders, or super MF'ers.


When you PK somebody, they drop an ear. It has the killed char's name and level, and takes up one slot of space.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
21-06-2003, 18:08:47
Okay, I knew that about the ears. I thought there might be something a little more mystical about them. I guess not :)

Super MF'ers makes sense too.

Muling, well, that's something not so understandable. How do you transfer to another character if you only have one at a time in a game? Unless you drop your items, disconnect, reconnect with the mule, grab the items hoping that no-one else has done, disconnect, and reconnect with your original character. Or, give them to someone you trust. I don't think I know anyone on the Realms enough that I'd trust them...

The Mad Monk
21-06-2003, 22:08:48
Solo muling can also be done, thanks to a safety feature in Realms games. If you remain in a game for at least five minutes after creating it, it will remain for five minutes after everybody leaves it (and resets the timer if someone enters), which allows folks to go back and get stuff after an unfortunate disconnect, or switch characters in-game, etc.

Solo muling takes advantage of this by making a passworded game, making a pile of items in the middle of rogue camp (or wherever), and then entering and leaving with various chars, picking things up or dropping things off as needed.

If the item 'clean up' timer has been sped up, this will become more difficult.

22-06-2003, 02:25:57
Perhaps, although I doubt they'd take it below 5 minutes. It's just a means of removing the 'forest of ears' that will accumulate in a good quality softcore dueling arena.

Amazon Basin people who like to leave items scattered all over town for their friends might get a bit of a shock though...

The Mad Monk
22-06-2003, 06:16:04
I lost a small pile of gems that way just a few days ago. Dropped them with a bunch of other things, and forgot they were #1 (with other white items) on the clean up hit list. While I was busily switching low level uniques around, and redistributing Isenhart's gear yet again, they...vanished! :(

22-06-2003, 06:54:12
The previous cleanup list had some different rules for magic and unique itamz, didn't it? They would last about an hour on the ground, while normal itamz would only stay for about 15 minutes.

The Mad Monk
22-06-2003, 08:07:48
Yeah, that was pretty much it. If you entered a trading game where the quests had all been done hours before, the surrounding land would seem so...empty.

The Mad Monk
24-06-2003, 05:25:05
Some of the new sets can now change the appearance:


...and, as you can see, some of the skills are cross-class:


25-06-2003, 23:19:11
How come the light source on the red and blue balls are not the same?

The Mad Monk
26-06-2003, 06:14:15
Oddly shaped lightbulb, maybe?

The Mad Monk
26-06-2003, 06:15:16
How much time do you spend staring at balls?

Sir Penguin
26-06-2003, 06:45:42
I think the light sources are actually inside the balls, as evidenced by the fact that there is a complete ring of shade around the circumference of the circle bitmap. If there were an external source, a full hemisphere would be lit.


26-06-2003, 09:33:00
Trang-Oul is such a cool name:).

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
26-06-2003, 16:28:18
They are the same - it's your eyes that are distorted :)

26-06-2003, 23:24:58
Qaj, they aren't the same in those screen shots. The light source reflection on the red ball is bigger then on the blue ball.

I tend to notice things like light sources not lining up, ect.

SP, the balls are outlined because that's how the made them. There's a border around them, in black lines, to keep them from merging with whatever is in the main play screen. It's a common technique in animation. The balls are clearly not lit up from inside. The left side is darker then the right. In homogenous material, the lighting would be equalivalent throughout the globe (or close enough to matching, in RL), that the left side should not be darker then the right. Look at how the shadow falls on both balls. Even with off center lighting, the left and underside of the ball wouldn't be shadowed up with interior lighting... It is clearly meant to be an upper right light source. It just isn't an evenly positioned light source between graphic elements...

26-06-2003, 23:28:01
Yeah... shadowing on the right and left balls are identical. However the highlight of the reflected light source is not. If it's the same light source (as implied by the shadowing, one light source/one shadow), to have identical shadows requires identical light source. If it was close enough to the red ball to be bigger, the shadowing would be diferent between to the two balls.

It's poor artistic work.

Sir Penguin
26-06-2003, 23:57:33
Originally posted by Darkstar
SP, the balls are outlined because that's how the made them. There's a border around them, in black lines, to keep them from merging with whatever is in the main play screen. It's a common technique in animation.

I know that. The surface covered by the light is not a hemisphere, though. If there was a non-restricted light source coming from the outside, then exactly half the sphere would be lit, for the same reason that half the Earth is always in daylight. So, it's a directed light source from either inside or out. Also, since each ball is illumined by a directed light source, the source that lights one ball can't light the other at the same time through the same direction. Due to the fact that both spheres are clearly not lit from the same direction, it's perfectly reasonable to say that each ball is lit by its own source (otherwise there would have to be some funky mirror stuff up around the light source). Since it would be silly to have two separate external sources when one could more efficiently have a single source, then it follows from Occam's Razor (which I strongly prefer to your Anthropic principle) that each ball has its own internal light source. The only problem is that when your life is drained, there's no evidence of an internal light source. That's poor artistic work. :)


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-06-2003, 18:02:00
Originally posted by Darkstar
Qaj, they aren't the same in those screen shots. The light source reflection on the red ball is bigger then on the blue ball.

You know, if it wasn't for the fact that I've been playing Diablo2 for quite some time and observed the very same phenomenon ages ago, I'd have to go with my original assessment of the health of your eyesight, since you seem to have missed the smilie on the end of my post :D

27-06-2003, 20:00:36
Pengy... Occums razor says that its simpler to have one light source then two. Obviously, you need to sharpen your razor...

Sir Penguin
27-06-2003, 20:22:14
No, if there was one light source, then there would have to be a whole bunch of mirrors to shine the light down onto one of the balls in the way it shows. Also, there would have to be some sort of amplification, since it looks like each sphere is getting about the same amount of light. It's far simpler just to have two sources.


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-06-2003, 22:05:51
Yeah, but Occam's Razor still requires you to take empirical evidence into account, such as the perspective of each reflection makes it appear that each globe is lit by different light sources. Occam's Raqzor in that case would assume that that should be the case.

Different lights at different strengths produce different reflections. Simplest explanation.

But I agree that SP is wrong about the internal lighting :)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-06-2003, 22:09:28
Amplification? If we're going down the "one light source" road, all you'd need is one source and mirrors for each globle. Mask the original source, and make sure the mirrors shine a light that is equidistant onto each globe. The strength should be the same on each.

But this is really kicking sand in the face of Occam's Razor, so lets go for the easy solution: 2 light sources.

The Mad Monk
02-07-2003, 00:25:53
We have more screenies, today, at least one of which appears to sneak in a little "extra" information:




Sir Penguin
02-07-2003, 01:05:21
I think that using Occam's razor to argue two light sources, with supplementary cabling and support, vs. two mystically glowing balls is kind of like using Occam's razor to argue science vs. God for sole rights to the creation of the universe. It's a lot easier to say that God created the universe, but it's a lot easier to believe that there isn't an omnipotent being hanging around to whom you're responsible. In the real world.

In a world where people can conjur up fireballs to fling at others, or where princes make themselves look like demons, it's easy to believe in a ball that has its own light source inside. Also, I suspect it's easier to imbue an object with its own light source than to keep a light floating steadily and shining unflickeringly without something physical on which to anchor it. If that's the case, then two extra physical objects are necessary. I think you can use Occam's razor again to say that given equal ease of imbuing any object with a light source, then one should choose the system with fewer objects.


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-07-2003, 16:48:57
Stupid partial/double post.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-07-2003, 16:52:19
Granted. But, since this is a "world full of magic" as you allude, then two stationary glowing balls of light isn't far fetched at all.

One thing you haven't explained, SP, is: if the light source is internal, why is there a reflection on the outside of the globe?

On an entirely unrealted note, what's the "extra info" that gets snuck in to those newer pictures?

The Mad Monk
02-07-2003, 17:43:17
Look at the automap -- what looks different?

The Mad Monk
02-07-2003, 17:44:33

02-07-2003, 21:36:15
Yes, but in a world with reasonable amounts of magic, it's easier to have ONE magic light source shining on the scene.

And it's still easier to believe the artist goofed up, as the light sources on other objects does not match that of the light source on the balls.

Remember, with 2 light sources, each would shine on the balls, and we'd get dual shadowing. There is only one shadow, therefore there is only one light source (using Occum's to par our explainations down to the simplest one, as multiple light sources but only one shadow would mean that we are otherwise blocking out all but one (different) light source per graphically interesting object).

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-07-2003, 22:25:18
Well, in that case, if there was one very distant but bright light source then the shadows would line up, with very slight deviations that get slighter the more distant the light source.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
02-07-2003, 22:27:00
Hey, if unrealted wasn't a word, all these people wouldn't be using it:



The only thing I see on the map that I'm not in the habit of seeing much are the red crosses - monster positions? I seem to recall people not in your party turn up as red - perhaps that's a necromancer and minions?

Sir Penguin
02-07-2003, 22:50:44
Originally posted by Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
One thing you haven't explained, SP, is: if the light source is internal, why is there a reflection on the outside of the globe?

It's not a reflection, it's the light source. The source is near the surface, so there is little displacement due to the angle.

Is it just me, or is this argument getting really stupid? :)


02-07-2003, 22:56:57

The Mad Monk
03-07-2003, 10:01:35
Qaj, the general concensus is that the red crosses are monsters, as per MapHack. Since maphack is considered "evil" by "legit players" (albeit the lowest rung of evil), this has caused a minor uproar.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
03-07-2003, 15:07:04
This argument has always been stupid :) :) But it beats working :D