View Full Version : HARDWARE FAILURE!

30-04-2003, 22:25:42
Fixed it.

30-04-2003, 22:28:11
For the first time ever, I had to open the case of my 1997 Dell because the plastic on/off switch that transmits the pressure to the microswitch came unglued. Bloody Dells. I'm never buying another one.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
01-05-2003, 00:04:36
I wouldn't have bought even a first one just on the strength of their crappy advertising. I don't know whether non-US markets are getting the same ads we are here (probably not) but that Steven guy was annoying, and now the Dell Interns... :rolleyes:

They all use cheap parts anyway, so I'm not impressed from a technical perspective. Though I did have an interesting project last week - I went to a big name vendor, looked at the specs for a cheapo PC, and tried to match it with generic parts off PriceWatch. I came in US$40 under. Not bad! But it shows what crud they put into their systems (and yes, I'm aware that they buy parts in bulk, but they also mark the proce up a substantial amount, so I think it evens out. Anyway, the quality is still just as poor).

And, to remain slightly on-topic, we've had two Gateway power switch plastic button covers break in the last month or so. Damn shoddy materials.

01-05-2003, 03:25:15
We get the same turds in the advertisements.
I have an HP...took the first one back a week later and demanded a replacement (blue screened all the time) and it has worked just fine ever since. I'm sure it is crap though.