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29-04-2003, 20:03:48
What program do you use to make animated gifs? And is it free or cheap?

Sir Penguin
29-04-2003, 21:04:25
Are the rest of us allowed to answer, too?


30-04-2003, 02:13:34

Sir Penguin
30-04-2003, 02:20:55
Damn. I was hoping I wouldn't have to show my ignorance. I use the GIMP (http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/), which can export layered GIFs as animation (you append the time for each frame to the name of the layer, or set a default time). It's kind of overkill for just making animated GIFs; I'd bet a lot that there are better apps out there just for that.

And speaking of the GIMP for Windows, I'd really like to know what the hell that guy's logo is supposed to be.


30-04-2003, 02:35:01
Allen wrenches perhaps?

30-04-2003, 02:37:08
Yeah, gimp might be overkill for what I want...but it is free.
I already use Photoshop LE for most stuff so I only need a gif animator.

30-04-2003, 22:12:56
might be worth doing a search for 'gif animator' or variations on www.download.com there's always a shitload of stuff there.

I use Adobe Imageready, but it ain't exactly free.

30-04-2003, 23:04:28
Animation Shop (http://www.jasc.com/product.asp?pf%5Fid=003)?

Sir Penguin
01-05-2003, 04:38:42
I also used to use a program called Animagic or something like that. It wasn't too bad.


05-05-2003, 08:39:40
Dunno, I guess it was Corel Photo Paint or Ulead Photo Impact

05-05-2003, 08:49:57

05-05-2003, 12:41:24
Thanks all, I sure you'll regret it. ;)

07-09-2005, 10:49:31
GIMP looked horribly complex what with having to download both an installer and the main stuff and then having to get it all together. Neither Animation Shop, nor Ulead are free to use.

Seriously (as this is a serious forum :)) anyone got a decent free/simple GIF animation app they can recommend ?

Just want to try my hand at a single animation, and the app I downloaded convinced me that without recommendations one might need to try a lot !

I just want to crop the original image, duplicate it and edit it, and then stick the whole lot together. What I guess is the usual stuff.


07-09-2005, 11:20:07
PS Just tried Animagic. Firm seems to have gone out of business.

Not keen immediately. Crop doesn't seem to allow you to just drag the crop selection, and any changing of the numbers always seems to keep the origin top left. Not really a very likely requirement, unfortunately.

07-09-2005, 15:51:57

The 20000 byte file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 25000 bytes.

:( ! :mad: