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Scabrous Birdseed
29-04-2003, 12:23:35
Worst. Roskilde. Lineup. Ever. Compare with the old festival posters (main page) if you don't believe me.

(Okay, 1976 was crap as well. But I wasn't even born then.)

29-04-2003, 12:37:24
I haven't looked at those other line-up you mentioned, but how can any festival boasting Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Queens of the Stone Age as headliners be the worst line-up ever?

And Zwan, Interpol, The Thrills, Hellacopters, The Raveonettes, and Bj÷rk are all also performing. Sounds great, have you seen Reading this year????

29-04-2003, 12:45:57
What a stunning line up! Metallica, Maiden, Qotsa, Tomohawk, Zwan...

The Shaker
29-04-2003, 12:49:22
Excuse me guys, what's up with both of you putting metallica before maiden?

29-04-2003, 12:53:13
Who the hell are Tomohawk?

29-04-2003, 13:00:53
Metallica are before Maiden in the link he posted is all.

Tomohawk are one of Mike Patton's bands.

29-04-2003, 13:59:28
This is Tomahawk... (http://www.ipecac.com/archives/previews/tomahawk-rape_this_day.mp3) :D

29-04-2003, 14:06:04
One of his more accessible bands.

29-04-2003, 14:46:07
Although he does seem to try to make up for that by pulling bodily fluid related stunts on stage :vom:

29-04-2003, 14:58:41
He claims that was a prosthetic... although my old housemate said it was very realistic.

29-04-2003, 15:12:13
From where I was standing (just about an inch out of range) it looked pretty real... then again I was more intent on making sure I stayed out of range at the time than on examining the man's genitalia :gasmaske:

29-04-2003, 15:14:06
Did it look like Michael Jackson's?

Scabrous Birdseed
29-04-2003, 19:13:55
Now these are the kinds of bands I'd like to see at Roskilde this year:


(Popaganda is a one-year-old, free, city festival and should by all rights be shit, but they've managed to get nearly every exciting new swedish band into their lineup. Bad Cash Quartet, Shout Out Louds, The Concretes, Moneybrother, Her Majesty, Florence Valentin, The Whyte Seeds, and Franke, all bands I've been dying to see. And it's two days before I get home! Aaargh Aaargh Aaargh. Top new bands missing: Radio Dept., The Knife, De Stijl, Alf, JosÚ Gonzales. Otherwise it's fucking complete. :()