View Full Version : I thought CD-R 80 was a standard :-(

Scabrous Birdseed
26-04-2003, 15:32:36
In what increasingly looks like a boneheaded decision, I recently purchased what seemed an excellent deal at the time: 50 attractively coloured (10 each of Orange, Purlpe, Green, Pink, Blue) CD-R 80 discs, manufactured by a company called Mediastar, for 17. I didn't really need them (~15-20 left of the last pile) and couldn't really afford them, but I liked the idea of being able to pick what colour disc I was going to use. So I pop one of the little bastards into my drive today to burn a Compilation CD for Debaser, and I get the following message in Nero, just after the process is supposed to have started:

HP CD-Writer+ 7100
Calibration Area Full
Burn Process Failed at 2x (300 KB/s)

The disc hasn't been burned at all and remains empty (checkable using "medium information" in Nero). It wasn't a random manufacturing fault- a second disc produced the same error. Nor was it the fault of the compilation- at 79m49s it was certainly scraping the 80m barrier, but it burned perfectly onto one of my old discs.

So, why aren't these new discs compatible with my CD writer? I know it's ancient, but come on.

26-04-2003, 17:17:31
I was under the impression that most CD-Rs could hold about 74 minutes of music. I know Sean was using 80 minute CD's for LWP4, but I presumed those were pretty unique.

Scabrous Birdseed
26-04-2003, 18:12:29
Well, I just had a listen-through your compilation and it's there, to the very last second... ;)

Nah, 80-minute discs are pretty much standard these days.

Scabrous Birdseed
28-04-2003, 16:37:23
So, does anyone want 100 CDR80 discs?

28-04-2003, 16:38:28
How much do you want for them?

Scabrous Birdseed
28-04-2003, 16:41:38
Well, I paid 17 for them and they're entirely unused and in original packaging (only the shrink wrap is taken off) so I reckon around 12-13 or so.

Sir Penguin
28-04-2003, 20:07:24
They're defective. I'll take them for C$5 and free shipping.