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23-04-2003, 21:53:43
*EIF*'s location* reminded me what a magnificent book American Psycho is. I haven't seen the film but from what i hear, the most important scenes seem fairly faithful to the book, which is a stylistic tour de force.

I see that The rules of Attraction(?) has just been made into a film (which i also haven't seen as yet), continuing Easton Ellis' mission to expose the utterly debauched and unhappy lives of america's rich. c.f. F Scott Fitzgerald

Any fans/haters?

* THIS IS NOT AN EXIT are the last words of American Psycho (read on a sign by anti-hero Patrick Bateman).

24-04-2003, 11:52:20
Do you want to borrow the video KG? It's a brilliant film if you don't expect it to be too much like the book. It's much more of an obvious black comedy, and I think you probably have to watch it a few time before you can truely appreciate how funny it is, but it is excellent none the less. Hilarious soundtrack too.

24-04-2003, 12:12:16
Yeah that would be cool, bring it round to Funko's some time.

26-04-2003, 08:10:01
Man, has no one fucking read American Psycho??!

Jesus this forum is a piece of crap.

26-04-2003, 13:13:06
I've read it. Thought it was great. Glamourama on the other hand was a piece of shit.

I've not read Rules of Attraction. Is it worth checking out?

29-04-2003, 12:30:12
i kind of skim-read the rules of attraction, it just seemed like american psycho set in an ivy league college (without the serial killing)

it's funny, as i recall, brett easton ellis himself has pretty much lived the ivy league/merchant-banking type lifestyle depicted in his books, but he's so despairing of it...perhaps years of cocaine abuse, armani suits and sex with vapid yet stunningly beautiful women jades one after a while...

29-04-2003, 12:51:49
Hmm, sounds awful (the lifestyle bit).

29-04-2003, 12:57:49
Originally posted by King_Ghidra@home
Man, has no one fucking read American Psycho??!

Jesus this forum is a piece of crap.

I was going to borrow it from you sometime but it never happened.

29-04-2003, 13:28:11
my copy falls open on the group sex scenes

i don't know if this will influence whether or not you still want to borrow it

29-04-2003, 13:37:27
I suppose it's better than not being able to read certain pages.

*End Is Forever*
03-06-2005, 00:25:37
A guest was reading this thread. I was rather disturbed to click on it and find a hitherto undiscovered reference to me... :nervous:

03-06-2005, 22:21:16
Read it, loved it, hated the film adaptation

The Norks
03-06-2005, 22:39:39
i read it but i found it utterly repulsive. Even the author now says he regrets writing it.

Lazarus and the Gimp
05-06-2005, 11:31:07
Originally posted by Debaser

I've not read Rules of Attraction. Is it worth checking out?

I preferred it to "American Psycho".

Lazarus and the Gimp
05-06-2005, 11:35:45
I thought the film of "American Psycho" was an improvement on the book in many ways. It was beautifully shot, had a great John Cale score, and a class performance by Christian Bale (a great actor). Rather than turning the character into a blank slate, he emphasised the sheer misanthropic absurdity very well.

Plus, the business card showdowns were pure cinematic gold.