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23-04-2003, 19:28:55
A second Morrowind expansion is due out next month. Bloodmoon claims to be bigger than the first expansion, Tribunal, and will allow PCs to become lycanthropes. Preview at Gamespy. (http://www.gamespy.com/previews/april03/bloodmoonpc/)

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
23-04-2003, 22:57:13
Why did I read that as "Bloodworm"? That's just gross.

24-04-2003, 08:59:59
any of the extentions to make it on the xbox? even as stand alone?

27-04-2003, 18:48:46
don't know about X box releases

...and lycanthropy appears to be confined to werewolves. No wererats for you!

Sir Penguin
28-04-2003, 01:33:08
Nor werefrogs.


28-04-2003, 03:53:10
What about werepenguins?

Sir Penguin
28-04-2003, 20:12:05
It's been done.


29-04-2003, 01:25:46
Where? When?

Sir Penguin
29-04-2003, 21:16:08


18-06-2003, 17:37:43
email just received from my wife...

You aren't going to believe what happened yesterday! I went to Best Buy and I was going to pick up Bloodmoon. They had the price marked at $29.99. I debated, but I figured it wasn't going to go on sale, so I picked it up and headed for the counter. I get there and the guy rings it up, but I'm not really paying attention because I'm swiping my card. He calls someone over and apparently the game isn't ringing up correctly. So, they ask me to wait and someone goes to look at the shelf. It turns out that the SKU was wrong and they had no record of what the correct one should be. They also couldn't change the price, so I got Bloodmoon for $7 (The price of Alpine Racer, whatever that is). Unbelievable!

Now, if we only lived at the same address. :(