View Full Version : LWP3 vs LWP4

23-04-2003, 14:13:29
Initially I liked LWP 4 more than 3 but I've just been listening to 3 and I think it's got fewer songs that I dislike on it. For me it's a nicer listen as an album.

23-04-2003, 15:18:47
I like 4 a lot better.
Stayed up late making SB an album...have the layout all set, now I just have to do the crap part and burn the disc. Yargh...

Scabrous Birdseed
23-04-2003, 15:43:44
4 any day. 3 is way too samey.

23-04-2003, 15:45:06
There's a lot less reggae on it though. :bash:

Scabrous Birdseed
23-04-2003, 15:46:48
What's wrong with Reggae?

23-04-2003, 15:47:44
It really annoys me. No idea why.

23-04-2003, 15:50:29
It's the whole off-beat thing. Some of it is OK. I get the same reaction to Ska and ska punk. It's just wrong.

Provost Harrison
23-04-2003, 21:06:10
I don't mind reggae if done well. One of them was really good on CD1 and the other was crap...there are a lot of good songs on either CD, all of which submitted by me :p