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22-04-2003, 04:41:01
I keep getting attachments called 'winmail dat' in emails from only one other gamer. OFC I refuse to open them, for obvious reasons.
He says he has checked for virii, and is clean, and is not sending them.

Is it a sign of a virus, or is it coming from his mail server as he suggests.

Sir Penguin
22-04-2003, 05:15:36
WINMAIL.DAT is a proprietary Outlook file that allows Outlook users to send Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) information (see Microsoft's technical support article at http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q241/5/38.ASP). This TNEF information is unopenable and irrelevant outside of Outlook.



22-04-2003, 07:57:03
So to translate into english.....

Don't worry about it.. Yes..???

Sir Penguin
22-04-2003, 08:21:53
Oops, sorry. No, it's nothing to worry about. Your friend's using Outlook and has an option or something set that makes the program send this file along with the email. There's nothing you can do with the file--unless you have Outlook, and I have no idea what it would do with the file--except delete it. Maybe if he doesn't use Outlook it would be something worth worrying about. But it shouldn't be anything more than an annoyance.

Of course, as a rabid anti-Microsoft-product person, I feel obligated to suggest that he be put down if he's using Outlook of his own accord. I have no personal experience with the product, and that suggestion is based totally on hearsay, but that's entirely unimportant.


24-04-2003, 03:42:18
You of all people should know that most strategy games are played at work..
From what I gather it's on a VPN, and he has no access to the software.

But thanks any way, I don't have to read and destroy no more.

Sir Penguin
24-04-2003, 04:44:10
Perhaps some industrial sabotage is in order.