View Full Version : La morte de Richtofen

29-01-2002, 11:13:50
Upon the raft Richtofen stood
Not knowing where it took him
Down the cold river in the dark
underground place of evil

His grey metal body
In the darkness just a shadow
The ranger roamed the raft
Awaiting a sign of the beast

When suddenly the cave itself did shake
And around the raft the still waters tossed
And threatened to upset the raft
A thundering sound approached

Then through the waters came the serpent
De Rol Le the parasite
Roaring alongside the raft
And casting evil eyes at Richtofen

The ranger gripped his pistol
Waiting not for the beast
He boldly took his attack to his foe
And fired at the worm

No cry of pain the hit produced
But it angered the serpent greatly
It disappeared beneath the waves
In the water the beast was safe

Richtofen scanned the darkness in vain
Where had the worm got to?
At once the waters broke
And De Rol Le launched upon the raft

Hard metal feet holding steady
As the raft shook with the weight of the worm
Richtofen stared the beast in his eye
The skull face of evil

Throwing his pistol aside
Richtofen felt for his sword
The beastís head before him
He would cleave from its body

As De Rol Le roared
Richtofen held aloft the great sword
Kaladgolg the warriors blade
Recovered from the mines

He struck with all his might
Upon De Rol Leís carapace
And cracked it open
Exposing the wormís maw

The monster reared up in anger
And tendrils like steel coils
Lashed at the ranger
Crashing on his shield

Knocked to the ground
Brave Richtofen struggled to his feet
But where was De Rol Le?
Into the darkness it had fled

Electronic eyes searching the half-light
The ranger scanned again for the wyrm
But the beast knew he was a brave foe
And would not give his life lightly

Again the unmistakeable sound
As De Rol Le burst from the water
Behind the ranger holding itself high
A purple light surrounding its head

The wyrm was power pregnant
Experience told the hunter
Ďtwas time to evade the beast
Avoiding its wrath

No sooner did he think it
Than a beam of bright light
Blasted from the serpentís maw
And fired across the raft

Again and again De Rol Le
Unleashed the rays at Richtofen
But never striking the Ranger
As the raft rocked like a leaf

Then crouching in the dark
Richtofen struck back at the wyrm
His rifle created by Wals
The weapon master

The androidís aim was true
Photon bit the serpent
And causing pain and torment
To the monster new sensations

De Rol Le lashed out in pain
And beached itself the raft
Exposed now and helpless
Before the brave Ranger

Again Richtofen struck with
Kaladgolg the slayers sword
And with a cry terrifying to human ears
The beast fell dead into the water

The ranger watched the beastís body
Drift away into the dark
The deep cold water would be the grave
Of the monster De Rol Le

Sheathing Kaladgolg and holstering
His guns Richtofen saw the water bubble
Where would he meet his own end
In this evil place?