View Full Version : Q Magazine Set For Self-Pleasuring Frenzy

*End Is Forever*
16-04-2003, 17:00:55
Meanwhile the rest of us just fall asleep (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/2952451.stm).

Scabrous Birdseed
16-04-2003, 17:10:42
There there.

*End Is Forever*
16-04-2003, 17:11:22
I thought it might provoke some debate. :cute:

16-04-2003, 17:16:28
Aren't they that band that used to be good?

16-04-2003, 17:20:37
I wonder why the article failed to mention the Field Day Festival.

*End Is Forever*
16-04-2003, 17:25:47
The What Day Festival?

16-04-2003, 17:29:02
Dashboard Confessional are playing.

*End Is Forever*
16-04-2003, 17:35:49
The What Day Festival?

16-04-2003, 17:44:19
I find saying Wes Brown so dull, don’t you?

16-04-2003, 21:26:13
The simple fact appears to be that making good melodic music is much harder and more rewarding than making screechy whiny music with stupid electronic bits, if 'the bends' and 'paranoid android versus 'amnaesiac' and 'hail to the thief' is anything to go by.

Or to put it another way, sticking your head up your arse is a poor way to make good music.