View Full Version : Anyone up for doing some (outward-looking) collective features?

Scabrous Birdseed
16-04-2003, 13:36:31
I've been thinking. (Uh-Oh.)

All the other small sites attract new members by making great list-style features that other web sites link to. I've seen sites attract loads and loads of views in a few days based on one "top 100 albums you should throw out of your record collection" feature or a "top 20 most dissapointing games ever" one. Most of these types of features were done collectively, by more than one person, each contributing knowledge and ironing out imbalances (while keeping fun personal idiosyncracies). Basically a good idea for a list-type feature is selected, then a group of interested people meet up and haggle to get their favourites onto the list. Possibly over a pint or two. Then they divide the writing-task up, and set to work describing each element of the agreed-upon list.

Because we use our meeting times for more productive things like telling Iraqi Maths Teacher jokes, maybe if we decide on doing such a feature we could simulate haggling in a private forum? Or something. Er.

16-04-2003, 13:41:37
Sounds interesting but I didn't understand half of that end bit.

LWP Stimulates a lot of discussion in Reading.

16-04-2003, 20:04:55
Are you saying there are more important things that Iraqi Maths Teacher jokes? :eek:

17-04-2003, 19:03:13
top 1000 worst waste of my money games? That sort of list isn't looking for new members. It is looking for new trolls. We could do that by simply panning MoO3 and posting links on MoO3 forums. Make the Mediavel Total War event look like a house warming.

If we want to drive up membership, tell your posting friends at other forums. And your realspace friends that bother to play on computers that are not already here.

Just a counter suggestion. :)