View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Curveball

Scabrous Birdseed
14-04-2003, 20:49:46
I know I've recommended 3D Pong games before, but this is quite simply the best one out there. Continous, addictive, steadily more difficult and with some nice spin action to boot.


14-04-2003, 22:02:16
That game is superb. Quite easy though.

The Bursar
14-04-2003, 22:42:25
It begins to get challenging at about level 6, but the first 5 are so stupendously boring that I don't expect many people get that far.

At that point I lost a point just to see what would happen. I then got to level 8 and regretted it, because I then lost my remaining three points and lost.

It got much easier once I shook the temptation to look at it as if I was playing down a giant well shaft, and getting confused as to which way gravity wasn't operating.

14-04-2003, 23:06:59
I found it much easier once I resized my window so it wasn’t fullscreen.

Sir Penguin
15-04-2003, 00:09:01
It's more fun when you actually go for bigass curves instead of just sitting there and hitting the ball.


Resource Consumer
15-04-2003, 14:04:46
10460 and to Lev 5 - it is fun to make the big curves to chase the bonues. Good one.

15-04-2003, 16:26:36
Damn cheating AI! It's got unlimited lives!

15-04-2003, 17:08:52
Cool game.

24000 odd level 8. Gets hard.

15-04-2003, 19:34:48
120 Level 1 - this is too hard for me. Still this BJ I'm getting from Liz Hurley is distracting me while I play this game on my portable video mobile while driving in my brand spanking new Merc convertible SL600 - that's right folks, the one that hasn't hit our shores yet!

Resource Consumer
16-04-2003, 10:38:33
Are you also "nursing your babycham"?