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14-04-2003, 13:39:36
just saw it, brilliant

Brazilian movie, about the rise of criminality in Favelas around Rio between the 60's and the 90's through a bunch of kids growing up there. Based on a true story.

Think Tarantino (when he was still inspired) in Rio. Fun, grueling, violent, touching, scary.

Thumbs up for the cariocas, and keep up the good work...

14-04-2003, 13:45:31
I thought you went to see Adaptation.?

14-04-2003, 13:48:55
:) last minute change of plan, when I told my gf the last half hour wasn't so good (at your indication), she kind of hesistated, so we went to see city of god, that received raving reviews here. I now understand why.

14-04-2003, 13:50:57
Yay me!

City of God is a heck of a lot better than Adaptation., which isn’t even the best Charlie Kaufman film so far this year to use a typewriter font in the trailer.

Scabrous Birdseed
19-05-2003, 21:00:14
I just saw this, ended 5 mins ago. Sorry if my thoughts seem uncollected. It was very, very good, but maybe a bit too horrid for me.

I loved the way the three generations were contrasted against each other.

I also was surprisingly happy with the camerawork, even though it was "tricksy" which I don't necessarily usually go for. However, the computer-based stuff was subtle enough to work, and (unlike, say, in a David Fincher movie) was coupled with near-exemplary lighting, though that too verged on the tricksy at times. Not that I didn't think the strobe-lit death scene was a brilliant idea.

Best thing about the film: The colours. The way each sub-story was told in its own characteristic colour scale, from the earthy yellows in the first, more innocent generation to the bright, almost candyfloss pink of the gun store robbery. Magnificently done, must have taken massive amounts of planning.