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14-04-2003, 13:36:43
Watched this with Debaser last night having had it hyped up to me a bit as a brilliant film.

Story was OK, dialogue was pretty good although Steve Coogan's Tony Wilson obviously seemed a bit too Partridge for comfort. His little asides to the camera were good.

It was pretty badly shot, some of the bits with real band footage mixed with the film's footage was really shit. Especially the Sex Pistols at the beginning. I guess with a bit of a higher budget they could have done that better. During normal filming a lot of the time it seemed they were aiming for cool funky camera angles and shots but it just looking rushed and badly shot. Anyway, after the first 20 mins or so things started improving.

Maybe you had to be part of the whole manchester thing to appreciate it fully. As it is it's an enjoyable low budget British film but, for me, not the cult classic it has been portrayed as.

14-04-2003, 19:44:27
I agree with what Mike said...... in fact....... didn't I make most of those points last night?

14-04-2003, 19:51:53
You said some, I said some. We both agreed. I started it. :p

14-04-2003, 20:02:02
GRRRRR!!! *shakes fist*

14-04-2003, 20:05:53
I said it was badly shot, you said especially the sex pistols bit. I said Coogan was a bit Partridge and about the Manchester thing.