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14-04-2003, 09:06:26
This is a seriously good game.

But anyone figured out how to mine the debris fields? In New York theres two large debris fields both marked as mineable on the map but I cant figure out how to do it!

Any ship/weapon recommendations? Currently have one of those Navy heavy fighters bought from the missouri. Armed with 2 Justice IIIs, 2 lavaslinger IIs and a stunthingy II (the one that does huge shield damage only). Havnt bothered with missiles at all yet .

Also is anyone actively trading? Although there are clearly a few routes that make money (eg boron from pitsburgh to anywhere) the margins dont seem that hot...

14-04-2003, 12:10:03
It's good? Damn I knew I should have bought it.

Resource Consumer
14-04-2003, 12:39:44
Haven't ever heard of it. SOunds interesting, though.

14-04-2003, 12:40:08
Its the only thing thats made me put down CM.

Its only failing is that its not quite as graphically excellent as it should be. Its not up to the standard of I-War 2 on graphics but the game play is just so easy to get into.

The only other thing is cos every thing in the New York system (where you start) is so aligned good/bad I dont really feel like I should go around hijacking freighters. In I-War2 the big corporations were bad therefore hijacking freighters was good. Here (at least in the systems I've been in) the freighters are other little guys like me trying to make ends meet - so jumping them without any provocation seems a little harsh. Theres always some more pirates to hunt down though so its not like theres a lack of combat

14-04-2003, 15:25:36
I read that it was supposed to be a totally free universe, but that ended up not being quite the case.

14-04-2003, 15:42:36
As far as I can see at the moment it is pretty free form except there are certain missions you have to do eventually to progress.

So the first 2 missions are compulsary - but then you get your ship as a result so unless you want to hang around the starting location you would want to do it.

Then you can ignore the story and wander off for as long as you like. BUT if you want to leave the New York system your going to have to come back and complete another story mission. Then you can again bugger off and do your own thing for as long as you like BUT to reach level 4 you have to go back to NY and do another story mission (thats as far as I've got at the moment).

I think its fine - basically the same setup as IW2. If you want more space to play in you have to play a little bit more of the story, but no one is holding a gun to your head. Except the occasions when someone does hold a gun to your head.

Greg W
15-04-2003, 02:17:26
It is a good game, but I did find myself getting a bit bored with it after "finishing" it in 16 hours' play. By 30 hours, it was pretty much over in my opinion, as I had almost the toughest ship, and a heap of level 10 weapons.

To "mine" an asteroid field, wander in and turn thrusters off. Then fire a single weapon at the targettable little meteorites. More than one weapon will plain destroy them, but a single wepaon works reasonably well. Then just tractor in the results and ship them off somewhere. Not really my idea of mining, but there you go.

There was another thread on Freelancer too. Must've slipped down the list. If you want truly freeform tho, have to play an MP game, otherwise your level keeps limiting what you can and can't buy in terms of ships, and level is plot limited.

Big, big hint too. If you wanna explore off the beaten track, have a look at the route map, or whatever it is called. It shows the patrol routes of all ships nearby you. Follow some of the routes, and you find hidden bases and stuff.

Sir Penguin
15-04-2003, 02:38:23
You can also enter formation with bounty hunters and wait until they find something, but it's not nearly as fun as taking assignments (which isn't all that fun in the first place). As for trading, there are some huge profits to be made later in the game (on the order of 1000 credits per unit). I didn't use missiles at first, but later on they're great. Enemy sheilds don't take nearly as long to take out as their hulls, so you can remove their shields and then send one of those missiles that do, like, 1400 damage to hulls. I refused to take one of the story missions once so that I could buy a new ship, and I felt really guilty the whole time I was out making money. It was awful.

One thing I thought sucked ass was that you can't get any good ships in Liberty. The vessels you can buy get progressively more expensive as you advance through the game and through the areas. It made me wonder why Liberty was still liberated. Not that I really care, none of the official cultural area thingies have a ship for me since I finished. :love:


15-04-2003, 09:09:06
I noticed the liberty ships were shit - if you look at the lists of ships on the web the liberty defender heavy fighter is the best they have and it has around half the armor of any other HF.

Now I'm on Leeds with the welsh bloke that occasionally gets his accent wrong and turns punjabi, I think I'm going to have to trade back down to a light fighter cos the liberty HF is so shit.

Is it possible to go back to the hacker base in the maggelen system through the hidden jump gates? They sell gold at a really knock down price - theres definately some money to be made there.

Venom - if you can find IW-2 on bargain try thatl. It has a massive story line, I never finished it (got 2/3rds of the way and my HD blew up). But I think its pretty close to freelancer, but without the trading (although theres a mod to add it)

Resource Consumer
15-04-2003, 11:05:50

15-04-2003, 11:38:43
Independance War 2:Edge of Chaos to give it its full title


15-04-2003, 12:11:51
I hated the first I-War game.

15-04-2003, 13:27:30
Then you'll probably hate the second - better ignore my suggestion then

15-04-2003, 13:56:25
I didn't like the combat in the first I-War. Then again I didn't really take the time to read the manual so I think I missed out on a lot.

15-04-2003, 13:59:39
Its getting the X-wing style physics out of your head and getting used to the fact you can fly sideways that put me off at first. Once you get used to it you can pull all sorts of stunts. My favourite was flying away from an enemy so he would drop in behind me then disengaging the main engines, spinning around 180 degrees so I was going backwards and turning on the ramming shield while slamming the engines back on to bring me to a very abrupt halt.

15-04-2003, 14:27:01
I don't think I took the proper time to learn that game.

16-04-2003, 14:14:28
One of my cowies tells me that this Freelancer game doesn't support joystick control.

So what fucking idiot made that decision?

16-04-2003, 14:44:14
Try the mouse control before you start wingeing - it really is sooooo much better than joystick. It really makes all those swoopy manuevers you see in the films so easy, espeically combined with the fact that most of the guns have a decent ability to swivel to engage targets off centre, it makes leading a turning target second nature.

Greg W
17-04-2003, 02:19:26
I felt the same Kg, until I played it. Now I wonder why the heck nobody ever did it before...

18-04-2003, 00:07:21
Yeah controls rock - makes you wonder why they ever invented joysticks!

19-04-2003, 23:48:47
The mouse control system is pretty good:).