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28-01-2002, 15:25:49
Great value for money on these. I just bought nine CDs (3 box sets, each CD about 2/3s full- 50 songs per box set) for 30. Nicely packaged, good sound quality, kicking tunes.

I recommend the Rocksteady Box Set, total classic. I'm slowly buying up the rest, too (Instrumentals, Ska vol. 2 and Dub vol. 2 today).

Resource Consumer
29-01-2002, 13:58:03
Nice, nice, nice.

If you fancy reviewing any of them, I for one would be interested (incidentally, I live almost next door to Island records)

29-01-2002, 14:09:55
I'm not sure if we're allowed to review box sets. What I would suggest (if it's feasible) is that we do a collective feature, where every available writer gets 300 words to review any box set of their choice. Add a nice introduction and we'll almost be up to real journalist standard! How about it, Mike? Karsten?

(I'd pick the Trojan Rocksteady Box Set for my favourite. Because it is...)

29-01-2002, 14:52:46
It's not up to me I don't think. If people are interested in reviews of the boxed sets then I think it's worth doing it. I don't own any boxed sets so I couldn't really take part in a collective thing.

29-01-2002, 14:53:12
Although, that is a good idea and if there are other people who want to get involved then I think it'd make a great feature.

29-01-2002, 14:53:58
I started a thread to hopefully get people onto it.