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12-04-2003, 15:20:55
For the first time, I managed to make a Sonic Underwear gig at the Newt and Gynacologist in Maidenhead. (Where else?)

What can I say ... they rocked?

The lads really need to get their image sorted out - only Funko's brother looked individual, with the others looking as if they'd done a quick change out of their suits after leaving the office.

Not overly impressed with the first two numbers, and I didn't like 'Zombie Wedding', but starting with 'Mystic 4' things picked up. I enjoyed 'Rock Cliche' and 'Mighty Ogun', and 'Carpet Burns' and '100 Years' were suitable closers.

The audience was pretty dissappointing - there were only 10 of us at the opening of the set - but numbers had picked up to a healthy 30 or 40 as people had joined the crowd from elsewhere in the pub throughout the performance.

I thought the sound was pretty good, and Funko confirmed that they had good acoustics on stage. Overall, the balance was good, although my personal taste would have been for the drums to be mixed a bit lower.

Good concert ... onward and upwards, lads!

12-04-2003, 16:35:21
Thanks for coming down!

12-04-2003, 17:15:40
You chose the perfect gig to come and see us die a horrible death. We went down in flames. Radioactive flames.

I had indeed come straight from the office with no chance of getting changed. In all it was a fucking nightmare and I am still licking my wounds. :cry:

12-04-2003, 17:29:25
That's harsh. When we started no-one had any idea who we were and no-one came to watch us. I spoke to John the soundguy later and he said that place is like that sometimes. By the end of our set we had people watching us. That's much better than people being there at the start then leaving 'cause we were shit!

We didn't play particularly badly, not our best but far from our worst. You went home before the end but Dr. Sid, the headline band, only had about 60 people watching them.

Good experience for us anyway, our first gig somewhere where the vast majority of people hadn't come to see us and we still played to 40 people, which is probably more than at the Rising Sun on Wednesday. At least it made us rock harder not get disillusioned.

12-04-2003, 17:57:45
Yeah, it was a good lesson. We rocked under pressure rather than folded. We deserve a pat on the back for that I guess.

13-04-2003, 12:30:10
Well I didn't spot any mistakes at all, and the finale was a good rocking finish. You kept your act together to the end ... and were obviously enjoying playing.

I don't know what your intentions are. If you want to build up a following and go on to bigger events/venues, then it may have been disappointing, but if all you are after is a good time and the buzz of playing in front of an audience, then it went well with the audience building rather than melting away. If you do want to make something more of it, then you have to get an image, make a connection with the audience, and perhaps get a wider range of styles of music. Maybe even give Pete (I hope I remember right) a hand with fronting the set.

13-04-2003, 18:04:15
That's actually really good constructive criticism, and sounds fair.